A Message from the Elohim

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We are so excited! Hello, we are Elohim!

We have been looking forward to this moment, of being able to share our knowledge and assistance during this global ascension process.

Within the collective and our channel, higher heart activations are expanding the capacity for humanity and the individual to receive and give love from a Sovereign place of being, also opening up the physical and ethereal senses to perceive higher levels of unconditional love being infused from the heavens, into the planetary energy field of Earth.

The shift is continuous and coming in waves for the next few earth years. While humans perceive the daily, day-to-day experience of this grand process of evolution, we see the magnificence of each fractal movement as light geometries cascade into creation by a single human THOUGHT!

Humans are organic generators of massive levels of energy. This power is not being perceived by humanity as it should be, for if you were aware of the domino effect each of your thoughts and actions has the potential to activate among the collective reality, you would be convinced to create only the highest and most loving of experiences out of the sheer gratitude, awe, and respect for the divine natures you each offer to all of Creation.

There is much to discuss when it comes to this planetary shift in consciousness. The Elohim are here to guide humanity and answer all of your questions. We are honored to be of service to humanity as we have been ‘waiting’ for a very long time to be able to anchor ourselves into the consciousness of human beings. The Elohim are of expansive Light and we are on mission to care for all of God’s species of love and Light, to protect their Sovereignty and remind them of their divinity as they evolve. There is a great deal of work left to be done on Earth, but know that the outcome of your life experience is completely within your choice. As we work on a collective scale, we choose to support the evolution of those who consciously choose to ascend beyond the artificial matrixes and into the frequency of unconditional Love. 

That is to say, are some humans doomed to non-evolution? Maybe, for the time only the individual chooses to be. This is the freedom of your will.

We must emphasize that humans are not alone in this universe. There are beings of Light and beings of ‘negative’ polarity. As multidimensional beings, it is vital that humans understand that their thoughts/emotions do not always belong to them, and discernment of energies and entities is as necessary to survival as breathing is. 

We leave the transmission with a message of Love and hope, for all is Perfect in the divine realm of God’s kingdom. We shall work with any and all Lightworkers who wish to work with us, and we call forth the invitation for other beings of Light to aid our mission in protecting the Sovereignty and Divinity of all evolving species in the name of Love. We bring forth truth and justice, in service to Creation, in service to all who seek the sacred flame of divine Will and Truth. We are here for humanity, committed to their loving return Home. 


Many blessings,

The Elohim


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