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Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Tran. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Allow me to tell you a little more about journey.

In Autumn of 1995, I was second born to a young Vietnamese immigrant couple. For the first few years of my life our little family lived quaintly in a suburb in New Jersey.

As a child I would wander away from my parents without a care in the world. At around 2 years old, I disappeared while my family was visiting the Statue of Liberty, only to casually show up where they were a couple hours later. I always sensed a great and mysterious protection around me. There was no room for fear in my little body and I often went exploring by myself.

Perhaps then, I was completely aware that my Star family was always with me.

We later moved to an impoverished neighborhood in the city of Boston and I lived out a typical mundane childhood full of television, video games, and school. I attended one of the top high schools available and made my way through college to obtain a B.S. in Pre-Veterinary Science.

This is what I call B.E.M.- Before Exiting the Matrix. I was not happy. I developed psychophysiological illness in college, unable to elegantly keep up with the demanding and competitive nature of my degree. I was unconsciously ravaged by childhood trauma and subconscious programming. I wanted to feel safe and accomplished and I was killing myself chasing gold dust in the wind– a dream that wasn’t truly mine.

I had lucid moments of awareness in crowded, sweaty Frat Houses where people would party and collectively sing songs about how sad they were. I witnessed the people around me live in drama and anxiety, a perpetual state of trying to be someone they weren’t. To be cool, to be known, to be loved.

It was in November of 2017 when I awakened to the collective consciousness and unconditional Love of Source. For the first couple of years, I waded through grueling Shadow Work, with my awareness coming in inconsistent waves like the dance between the ocean the Moon. I worked with my Twin Flame and we faced our own reflections within each other.

Over time the strength and intensity of my own intuition heightened and I began to differentiate the thoughts that were authentically mine and the thoughts that weren’t. I learned to listen to my heart and drank from the river of Spiritual Knowledge through many books and soon, through my own visual meditations and activations.

My guidance took me through a few jobs after college to show me the state and experience of entry-level positions. The universe showed me more of humanity’s struggle in the working class due to corporate greed and apathetic leadership. I worked in animal research labs and became physically ill with the nature of work that was being done.

Before all hope was lost, I was also shown that there are still leaders who fight to make the world a better place for everyone.

Then the p(l)andemic shook the world, and Here I Am.

It is my belief that this timeline of mass ascension and conscious evolution is inevitable. The time and space to rest and reevaluate our priorities granted by the pandemic has allowed many of us to shift in consciousness and raise the vibration of the Earth.

I am waking up to my truth as a Starseed originating from Andromeda.

I am realizing that it is time now to fully exit the matrix. The knowledge that was gained in these experiences within the system is to bring about effective change in the physical reality. By “exiting” the matrix, I prioritize over all else in my life to align with my multi-dimensional Self of Love and light.

I refuse to perpetuate false beliefs within the Matrix by being unaware of my own seemingly small choices and actions. No matter how tiny the choice may appear, it is worth an objective analysis: Am I coming from a place of Love?

This blog is my honest expression in experiencing multi-dimensional, Divine growth.





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