All it takes is Love

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(The following writing contains light codes that activate your light body DNA. Take a breath and allow yourself to receive these activations as you read.)

Writing is quite intimate to me. The fact that I broadcast all to see my innermost thoughts is sometimes daunting. I still hear the voice that tries to bring me down. It’s like candy. Tempting. But like white sugar, fake. Fuck those thoughts! LOL

When I listen to myself, my REAL self, my AUTHENTIC self, I feel good. I feel like I’m hugging myself. I feel like the universe is hugging me. Stop, right now. And just hug yourself. Wrap your arms around your own body and breathe in the moment. Wow. What an amazing body. What an amazing soul inside this amazing body. No, not inside. We are one.

Our bodies are our essence manifested. We are not separate from it. That’s why it’s so important to hear it when it speaks. I have spent my entire life learning my body and there is still so much I feel I do not have access to just yet. Our DNA holds information greater than we’ve ever been told. There is a science behind our spiritual genetics and we patiently await the coherence and integration of spirituality and science within our mainstream culture. It’s already happening!

It has been quiet. I feel an energetic pause. I feel called to separate myself from social media and focus on grounding in the Now. I’ve been listening to the birds chirp and watching the leaves fall outside my window and I feel I’m living in a fairy tale. I feel we are suspended in the air of an impending major shift~

Individually and collectively. For this moment is peaceful and I feel safer in my own writing. Like maybe I don’t need to try so hard to appear a certain way, but that I can truly express my Self and my thoughts as they flow through me.

There are moments where I cry out of sheer gratitude. I feel so blessed… like, actually. My guides tell me things I cannot believe, but I am trying to. They tell me I am an Angel. But I think of all the terrible things I’ve done and I wonder- could and Angel have done all of that?

The answer is Yes.

I am waiting now. I am preparing for what’s to come, whatever that may be.

I am saying good bye to old. Elizabeth is changing again. Yes, I refer to my Self in the third person, aha.

Judgment does not exist in this space, in this heart of mine

I affirm it.

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