Am I Still Perpetuating the False Matrix?

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“Accept what you cannot control,” the spiritual teachings said. I listened. I accepted my reality for what it was and practiced my free will where I could. I aimed to live mindfully in a state of loving detachment while still showing up in life and doing the work necessary for growth. During the pandemic, this looked like daily meditation + yoga, doing what puts me in flow (writing), and well, anime and video games. πŸ˜›

Yes, I practiced my free will by playing video games and watching anime… I deserved it!

If you’ve been keeping up with my Ascension Journal, you’re probably aware that fully integrating my higher Self into my 3 dimensional body is my absolute priority at this stage of my spiritual growth. A few weeks ago, I found myself in a strange mood. I realized something devastating about my favorite forms of entertainment: anime and video games have negative subconscious programming embedded in their storylines, dialogue, and vibrational delivery. This isn’t news, persay, but all of a sudden, blatantly obvious, and impossible to keep ignoring.

Anime, Video Games, (and Porn)

I look back on the first month of quarantine when I played almost non-stop hours of Skyrim, a popular open-world fantasy epic game. I joined the Dark Brotherhood and killed people for money and for the Night Mother, an immortal dark spirit whose voice only I, as the main protagonist, could hear. This wasn’t my first time, either. I loved this RPG in high school.

I think about all the night-long anime binges I’ve enjoyed– the sexualization of young female characters is hardly difficult to deny.

Instead of the fun and entertaining games and shows I once saw these escapes as, all I could see now are gross attempts at normalizing satanic themes, violence and murder, the sexualization of children, misogyny, and hegemony (war, political/military dominance). I realize that these ideas and beliefs that are presented to us as kids and adults to perpetuate a false reality in which we are energetically repressed and controlled. It’s the negative side to our polar reality– there are false negative beliefs deeply embedded in our games, shows, culture and media, and popular music.

Before you say, “It’s just a game. It’s just a show. It’s just a song.” You have to remember that we are infinite Creator Beings with the power to manipulate and control our reality. If, as children, we are programmed to believe that a certain reality already exists (and we have little power to change it), of course we will continue to create that said reality. We have to consciously choose our own truth about the world and how it should work in order to change things. That tends to happen after we are realized adults.

Part of the ascension process, I’m beginning to fully understand, is ending the perpetuation of the false matrix that these energies and their reality is based on. We’ve been duped into thinking that the darkness and negativity we feel and see everyday across our various screens is a normal way of life! As a Divine Creator, I refuse to feed my energy into a reality that does not align with my highest Self and the highest collective.

When we are unaware of the programming, we allow it to strip us of our energetic sovereignty. We are quite literally having our energy stolen from us! Right under our noses!

An example is through pornography and masturbation. Sex is the basis of creation and our sexual energy is the most powerful creative energy we harness. This is absolutely not spoken of enough. When we watch porn and masturbate to strangers, let alone strangers doing strange stuff to each other– and release ourselves– where is that potent, magical, sexual, creative energy going?? It feeds entities of the same nasty, low vibration you masturbated to. These entities drain you of your creative energy and make you addicted, keeping you from using your creativity in other areas of your life (career, hobbies, relationships, etc.)

Stop. Masturbating. To. Porn. You’re giving all your precious creative life force away! For more on this, and motivation to stop fapping, check out

When we are aware of where our energy is going (at any given moment), we can start to understand how we are perpetuating our own reality through the universal law of cause and effect. When we make a choice, we experience the consequence of it. If we are unconscious, fall for the programming, and give our energy away to TV, video games, a shitty job, porn, processed food, the news, we become drained and depressed.

Once we choose to harness our energy in creative and mindful ways, through art and expression, and healing our bodies by eating organically, we can begin to experience the magnificent extent of our creative power.

The Truth About Co-Creation

If you’ve heard spiritualists say “Co-create with the universe,” it was likely in the context of manifestation where they claim that the universe is always in your favor to manifest physical things like your dream car. I learned recently that this is just one of the many attempts to misinform and confuse the awakening community. We are not just co-creating with the universe, we are co-creating with everyone else on this planet. The truth is that co-creation represents how our reality is a collective effort amongst every single one of us. In consciously co-creating with each other, we can choose to drive our energy towards a reality that suits the collective’s evolution.

Claiming our energetic sovereignty and consciously co-creating with other Sovereign Beings is the key to creating a new and better world. That means YOU, a CREATOR BEING, are needed to CO-CREATE with all other CREATOR BEINGS to make this world the way it really should be.

How to Stop Perpetuating the False Matrix

If anime and video games are part of the false matrix, does this mean I have to stop watching anime and playing video games? πŸ™

Not necessarily! It’s not always the anime and video games themselves– it’s the suggestion of certain low-vibrational behaviors and beliefs that confuse our natural high-vibrational energies and how we perceive/experience our life and reality. For example, when I played Skyrim and quite literally performed virtual Satanic rituals of murder, I didn’t think much of it. It’s normalized as harmless and entertaining. But that just wasn’t true. I was having awful nightmares full of violence and gore almost every following night and it never felt good.

Your mind can’t tell the difference between virtual reality and “real” reality- so when you’re performing something like murder, even on a screen, that’s what you’re giving your energy to. While it may have seemed harmless on the surface, my brain was rewiring to match the energy of what I was giving my attention to/what I was putting into my body, and replaying it in my subconscious while I slept. The darkness of the game became a part of me, a virtual experience that gave me very real fear and anxiety.

To truly stop perpetuating the false matrix, we don’t have to strip ourselves of everything fun, exciting, and entertaining. We have to be strong in our personal awareness of where our energy is going, how that is effecting our perception and shaping of reality, and actively rejecting anything that does not align with our highest Self.

The truth is: anything can be a spiritual experience if you master self-awareness. The darkness isn’t inherently bad, per say, because there’s a lot you can learn from it. And you have the right to exercise your free will as you choose. I’m just saying– if you’re going to shape your own reality, you might as well do it consciously. You wanna play COD, bro? More power to you. That’s your reality, not mine!

If your vibration is high and awareness is solid, subconscious programming can’t touch you. You know how to discern the truth from the illusion. Play your video games and watch your shows– just be so strong in who you are and what the truth is that they can’t program you. Just because there’s one perverted anime character in your favorite anime doesn’t mean you have to stop watching it completely! (I can’t stop watching One Piece… I just… can’t.)

I stopped playing Skyrim after adopting two orphans, providing them a beautiful home, and felt I’d made up for my virtual sins, though.

Skyrim: Aleson was sleeping on the floor of the town’s inn when I adopted him.

As you spiritually evolve, you naturally start to feel uncomfortable giving your energy to things that lower your vibration anyway. 3 years after my own awakening I finally decided to pay attention to exactly where my energy is going at all times. I’m extremely selective these days in the content that I consume. There are certain themes and vibrations I can’t stand to give my attention for long without feeling physically sick. If I’m unsure about something, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and listen to how my body reacts to what I’m experiencing. If it doesn’t give me good vibes, it’s automatically rejected, cuz I don’t have space for bad vibes.

I actually haven’t played any video games recently, not since committing to my Galactic integration. It actually seems more natural these days to be without it– I decided that reality is much more interesting and I couldn’t be anywhere but here, with me, as myself, playing this game called Life lol. I see the value in every moment I’m alive and experiencing, pulling my higher, multidimensional Self into my body. I don’t want to waste any time playing video games right now. (I’m not quitting, just not vibing with it at the moment!)

My taste in music is very much changing as well. Distorted, subliminal energy in mainstream music is the most obvious to me– the intuitive resistance to it is strong in my heart and bones. But that’s for another post.

Where I am On my Journey

I spent an extra few days writing this article because I wanted to be absolutely certain that what I’m expressing is my highest truth, from my highest Self. I have no agenda but to share my experience of this strange, magical reality and all that I learn along the way. Writing this out has really helped me understand the ways I can be sure to stop perpetuating the false matrix of low-vibrational energies and realities while still enjoying my life and earthly experience. I hope it helps you understand more about your own journey, too!

I’m stripping a lot of my old self during this ascension process. I’m perfectly happy to not play the games or watch the shows I used to, because I simply don’t vibe with them anymore. My energy is mine again and I’ll be using it to create new and awesome things! There is more space in my body to fill with love and light, instead of entertaining virtual drama.

So many things are happening for me… I’m on one heck of a ride… a couple days ago on 10/10, I had an influx of energies pouring through me almost all day. I remembered my light language after listening to a beautiful soul’s transmission that released blockages and trauma relating to light language. I’ve been singing and dancing and feeling Mama Gaia in unbelievable, tear-jerking ways. I connected with my Star family on this 3-d plane… I’m so full of love and gratitude and oh man… just, in awe of my own existence. I don’t know exactly what’s happening, but I LOVE IT.

I think I’m doing a good job at this incarnation if I do say so myself. I’m writing from my heart, working on a business with my partner/Twin Flame, listening to high vibrational music, singing and dancing in light language in my little urban apartment, learning to nourish my body appropriately, understanding the origins of the universe from Matias de Stefano and yes, I admit it, watching One Piece. Because I love it and it makes me happy.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Until next time! Bless all of you Divine Creators. May we continue building towards the new Earth of unity, transparency, and authenticity. <3



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