Are You Also Having a Mid-Life Crisis at 24?

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Hi there! There has been A LOT going on. (my poor excuse for having not published a single thing on this website since January. yikes.)

But, in retrospective truth, there actually has been a lot going on. The cosmic shift and collective awakening is literally upon us and more people are seeing through the illusion of our reality. I’m seeing an explosive increase in spiritual content and spiritual businesses across social media platforms and it’s AWESOME. Especially the memes lmao. Humans are leveling up, finding ways to follow our passions instead of complacently slaving away at jobs that make us miserable. The pandemic has encouraged us, as a collective, to reassess our values & what’s truly worth our time and energy. We are evolving!!! Woo!!!

On a personal note, I’d like to explain what I’ve been doing this whole time I haven’t published any writing. Quick backstory- I “woke up” in November 2017 and it changed my life (lol). After a couple years of grueling shadow work, I felt I had enough knowledge to share my thoughts with the world. With the help of my boyfriend, I created this website in January 2019 wanting to share everything I’d been learning about spirituality through my research, experiences, and meditations. I published several posts that centered around the basis of my spirituality at the time: what awakening is, how to identify Ego, the Dark Night of the Soul, and our spiritual evolution as humans. And then… I had nothing more to say.

But you know what I love? Divine timing. I’ll explain in a bit. I released my website and shared it with all my friends and family, then the pandemic happened. And things got weird.

My boyfriend lost his job, then I lost mine. I couldn’t believe it at first. I had just literally just gotten it. This job was the best case scenario and. then. I LOST IT! Due to the pandemic, the company downsized by roughly 50% in March 2020 and I was part of the unfortunate latter they let go of :'( .

BUT!!! IT WAS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED!!! After a day of crying my eyeballs out, I realized I could do whatever the fuck I want now.

These days, a lot of us are having our mid life crisis in our 20’s and 30’s  because it’s hitting us sooner than it did our parents that this system they set up for us is kind of fucked up. We’re born, we go to school, more school, more school or get a job, work at said job, get a spouse, buy a house, have a baby, keep working, maybe even go back to school to make more money except you’ll also be going into more debt so even after graduation there isn’t less work, there’s more, and then finally you retire and die. You guys… this is not… living…… we in this bitch SURVIVING. Fuck this story!!!!! It’s fucking boring.

If you’ve been needing a sign to start your own business or a creative endeavor that you’ve been thinking about, this is it. This is for you, just you.

Take the leap and learn the first step: claim the abundance as yours. We are taught by society that we must work 40+ hours a week for another company to make an honest and respectable living. DISAGREE. This does not have to be your reality. YOU get to decide what happens in your story, so come up with one where you’re happy and thriving. With today’s ever-advancing technology, anything is possible. TRUST. ME.

There is something that you love doing, there is something that you love sharing. I know because we each have a gift that we are born with. We each come here with a mission, a purpose, a goal- and it is to share that gift. If you don’t know what yours is yet, that’s okay. That doesn’t mean you don’t have one, or even several. It took losing my job and fucking around, unemployed, for 6 months before I could remember my own mission (even if only, kind of).

✨ Open Yourself Up to Abundance ✨

As soon as you are ready to receive the universe’s abundance, it will come. But you must have space in your life. Clear the clutter. Get rid of the emotional junk in the mind trunk. Let go of expectations of what you’re supposed to be doing. Stop looking at people around you and comparing. Breathe deeply, until you’re empty of thoughts, then remember this: you deserve all the abundance in the world.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve to relax.

You deserve to have fun.

You deserve to be comfortable.

You deserve!!! Nice things!!!!

Embody these words and believe in their power. You have to know it, to live it, to breathe the truth that you are deserving of a life that makes you happy.

Put it into Practice

Others might recommend a gratification journal to raise your vibration and while that is important in its own right, what’s even more vital is paying attention to your current thoughts.

What’s the story you’re telling in your head? Do you think that you have to do or be something to be worth something? Remember, you have inherent value. You could take no action your entire life and would still be worth all the protection and love.

Some of the limiting beliefs that held me back were

  1. I am lazy if I don’t have a job
  2. I am worthless if I don’t make money
  3. I am nothing if I do nothing

vs the TRUTH

  1. I am not lazy, I just haven’t found my passion
  2. Money is not everything
  3. I have inherent value no matter my status

We need time to figure our true selves out after a lifetime of being told who we need to be, so be patient with yourself if you don’t find it easy to change how you think and feel about a situation. About divine timing: it is absolutely everything.

✨ Divine Timing ✨

It won’t come until you’re ready, the answers you’re looking for. What your gift is, what your mission is. You may realize tomorrow, or you may realize 10 years from now. It doesn’t matter, but when it comes, you’ll know what to do.

After I lost my job, I figured the world was at my fingertips. I signed up for yoga teacher training thinking I could be a yoga teacher after the pandemic. I streamed games on Twitch thinking I could make a career out of it. It was almost as if I was drowning and desperately reaching out for any possibilities of a future that I could grab and hold onto. But these possible futures each drifted away from me, and if I followed they would take me further from my truth.

I did not know what to do with myself. Should I… get another job??? In my heart, that didn’t seem right. I had to find my passion. This situation is extremely unique, and I’ve been given a rare opportunity to pursue my true dream. I just… had to figure out what that was. But I had been unemployed for most of the year, I was pasting anime characters into my instagram photos, and my apartment was starting to feel real small. The Scorpio in me loves the thrill of emotional challenges so you’d think I’d have more grace about it. I can feel my guides trying really hard with me as I obsess over tarot cards and smoke a lot of weed. Still, I was meditating everyday, and I was not giving up. I needed to know what to do with my life. My cards kept saying there is something I still needed to release, but what??

I finally noticed this constant, hammering thought in my head that became louder everyday: “You need to find a money-making career. You’re running out of time.”

Fuck. I know. I know I’m running out of time.



You’re wrong.

It’s time to be conscious about these thoughts. They are not true. I am not running out of time, because time is infinite. I don’t need to do anything, or be anything, to have abundance because I am inherently deserving. Suddenly, I remembered something: what I really want is to serve my mission.

I remembered that if I serve my divine mission, if I do what I came here to do, abundance always follows. I remembered from my studies that I will find peace in walking my divine path.

So, what if I change what asked from the universe? Instead of begging for a career to focus on, I asked the universe this: Please show me how I can serve my purpose and mission.

This. changed. everything.

The focus was no longer about money, or a career, or something to just do with my time. Now, the focus is about how I can best serve my community. How can I share my divine gifts with the world?

I finally asked the right questions. I pulled a tarot card and it read, “A door was closed to you in the past. What was once redundant in the industry, you are now valuable in.”

I had to think for a moment… And then I remembered this website. Of course!! This project was something I abandoned some time ago, but I knew I could come back and it would always be waiting for me. I figured it out- of course!! How could I forget about my CHILD? Writing is my passion! Spirituality is my passion! Sharing my deepest thoughts and emotions through words is my passion!!!!

My writing is my gift.

This is what I came here to do. To write this, and to share it with you. I am so happy to be doing this, even if it may take some patience and lots of work to figure out how to monetize this HAHA. I know the universe will provide me with the assistance I need. I have faith in this path and I am ready to walk it. This is divine timing, divinely timed. All I know is: this feels good and it feels right!

✨ The Universe Provides ✨

The universe wants to give you what you need, but you must know what you need. You must ask the right questions, and then you must be open to receiving the answers. Be open to the signs & omens the universe shows you through repeating numbers, lyrics in music, animals you catch a glimpse of, tarot cards, or even through casual conversation with others. The less judgmental you are & the less emotional baggage you carry, the more receptive you are to receiving divine guidance. The universe speaks to us in infinite ways, you just have to be ready to listen.

Let’s keep fighting the fight!

Love and light,

Elizabeth T.

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