I’m Elizabeth and I woke up to our quantum, multi-dimensional reality and the artificial matrix that siphons humanity’s life force as it is designed to keep the collective from remembering their divinity.

This is my personal journal and evolution. It is a part of my mission to record my Galactic integration.

Welcome to the Starseed experience.

For a chronological ascension experience, it is recommended to begin reading here and follow the posts in order. Please practice discernment by taking what resonates and leaving what doesn’t. 

My intention is to provide a point of reference for the awakening/integration process as I am currently experiencing it. Please note that some older published content may no longer align with my present beliefs. I trust you trust your Self over any and all external influences. <3 happy reading!

Self as Source, Divine Oneness

A series of events, led to completion. There is no more question. I know who I am. I have been shown that I am the infinite Light.  The words, they do not matter. Embodiment of Source requires no words of the English language. Whether I am from Andromeda, whether I am of the Elohim, whether

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A Message from the Elohim

We are so excited! Hello, we are Elohim!

We have been looking forward to this moment, of being able to share our knowledge and assistance during this global ascension process. Within the collective and our channel, higher heart activations are expanding the capacity for humanity…

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Heaven on Earth

I am truly living in Heaven on Earth. Yes, the same one they talk about in the Bible and the New Testament doctrines. There’s some truth in every religion, as distorted their programs were manipulated to be, and that’s how they appeal to the human psyche. The higher dimensional negative forces have esoteric knowledge and experience.

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The Elohim

Whispers of “Elohim” in my ear, a word I have not yet discovered on my own. Whispers of “Elohim” as I wake up. Whispers of “Elohim” as I fall asleep. Initial google searches came up short. Elohim is Hebrew for ‘god’ or ‘supreme being.’ This is not enough information. Time passes. I breathe and ask

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The 2020 Gift of 20/20 Vision

Woah… 2020 was a wild ride. Yet, it marks the very beginning of our long-awaited, destined Golden Age. Do you feel it? There’s a difference in the air. Even the calcified pineal gland can tell that this isn’t the same world it once was. And that it will never be the same again. We did

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This blog is a portal.

Magic is so real, you guys.  This Ascension Journal is a portal created from a pure desire to follow my highest path and fulfill my Galactic mission. My hands are portals of Creation. Beams of light shoot out of my fingertips as I type. All the intentions I have expressed throughout my journey on this

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Fools are Liars and Prophets, too

I learned a little bit about my Human Design chart recently, helping to solidify the vision of my purpose & mission this incarnation. As my Healing gifts, magic, and Galactic remembrance return to my knowing I am filled with an itching eagerness and determination to fulfill what I came here to do. It turns out

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From my Cocoon

It’s been 11 days since my last post. Suspended in space and time. In life, simply showing up, is enough. My next steps are always being revealed to me. Breathing deeply. Returning to center, the moment the energy feels out of alignment with my heart. is this how monks live? reasons for not having written

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Ask and You Shall Receive

Discovering magic within words I’ve always expressed but never quite encoded with Love. Unlearning grammar, intellect. Learning to not just emBODY the Truth, but to infuse my internal and external expression with the All. No looking back, only anchoring in the frequency of my highest Self to share with Mama Gaia and the human collective.

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All it takes is Love

(The following writing contains light codes that activate your light body DNA. Take a breath and allow yourself to receive these activations as you read.) Writing is quite intimate to me. The fact that I broadcast all to see my innermost thoughts is sometimes daunting. I still hear the voice that tries to bring me

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What a Galactivation looks like

Where do I begin? I’m shocked. I knew my intentions and manifestations would be materializing faster as I integrate higher frequencies, but I didn’t expect this. In my last post, I set the intention to fully exit what I coined the “Social Media Matrix,” the mental circuit loop of self-judgment and desire for external approval

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The Social Media Matrix

My intention is to fully exit this Social Media Matrix where thoughts of judgment steal my energy and peace of mind. I choose to transcend beyond the lower dimensional programming, to express myself freely and to honor the Divine creative expression of my Self and every other Being.

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Exiting the False Matrix & Walking the Organic Timeline

At the beginning stages of my awakening between the end of 2017 and throughout 2018, I longed for a Guru. I was confused and had a plethora of questions. There was so much I didn’t understand and I had no one to direct these questions to. I couldn’t afford to hire a coach, go on

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Light Language & Anchoring in the 5th Dimension

Remembering Light Language triggered a significant transformation inside me by marking the end of an old cycle and fueling the rise of a Galactic Being grounded in her Mission. There is no space for fear within me any longer. My entire being is overwhelmed with gratitude, Love, and appreciation for the All.

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Am I Still Perpetuating the False Matrix?

I found myself in a strange mood. I realized something devastating about my favorite forms of entertainment: anime and video games have negative subconscious programming embedded in their storylines, dialogue, and vibrational delivery. This isn’t news, persay, but all of a sudden, blatantly obvious, and impossible to keep ignoring.

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Shamanism, Andromeda, and Journaling the Ascension Experience

About a month ago I wrote about how I was still unsure about being a Lightworker. Today, I can assure you: Not only am I a Lightworker, I am a Starseed from Andromeda. I am a Scientist here to observe and record a specific perspective and frequency of Earth’s ascension process. I wanna say yeah, that sounds weird, but I don’t even think it’s weird anymore. It’s my truth. Let me catch you up to date with how I came to that conclusion.

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About The Author

As a child I would wander away from my parents without a care in the world. At around 2 years old, I disappeared while my family was visiting the Statue of Liberty, only to casually show up where they were a couple hours later. I always sensed a great and mysterious protection around me. There was no room for fear in my little body and I often went exploring by myself.

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I meditated on my chronic pain

I saw flashing images of my immigrant parents. I heard pieces of honest, drunk stories of war and trauma. I saw sweat on the brow. Stained, calloused hands and yellow post-its on a bedroom wall, scribbled with thoughts of suicide. I felt the desperate, heart-breaking desire to be more and have more, even in America. At age 10, I learned that my parents worked so hard they wanted to die.

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Using Astrology to Heal

This is how I used astrology to get through my grueling shadow work by breaking through my unconscious behavior and becoming more self-aware. Through studying my astrological signs and placements, I was able to understand myself on a deeper level, in a way that satisfied my craving for the hidden, mysterious truths. By getting to know myself, I reclaimed my power and took control of my life.

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Stepping into My Role as Lightworker

Part of my soul contract, I’ve decided, is to make love and spirituality cool. The stars aligned themselves when I was born and made it my destiny and dream. Maybe I’m overly critical about appearances, but this is what I want to see in the world. I want it to be cool as hell to be kind & transparent. I want deep inner work to be part of our casual conversation.

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Spiritual Imposter Syndrome: Am I Even Awakened?

While I have a whole ass, lengthy article on what awakening is, I don’t TRULY know everything. No one TRULY knows anything. To be painfully honest, I’m doing this blind. I’m mostly walking through life in complete darkness with intuition as eyes and my emotions as my guide.

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