I’m Elizabeth and I woke up to our quantum, multi-dimensional reality and the artificial matrix that siphons humanity’s life force as it is designed to keep the collective from remembering their divinity.

This is my personal journal and evolution. It is a part of my mission to record my Galactic integration.

Welcome to the Starseed experience.

For a chronological ascension experience, it is recommended to begin reading here and follow the posts in order. Please practice discernment by taking what resonates and leaving what doesn’t. 

My intention is to provide a point of reference for the awakening/integration process as I am currently experiencing it. Please note that some older published content may no longer align with my present beliefs. I trust you trust your Self over any and all external influences. <3 happy reading!

Are You Also Having a Mid-Life Crisis at 24?

My boyfriend lost his job, then I lost mine. I couldn’t believe it at first. I hadn’t been working there for more than 3 months! They decided they had to downsize, by a lot, and quickly. Overnight, the company was half its original size, and I was unemployed.

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Identifying Ego

Understanding our Ego helps us to better understand ourselves, our relationships, and what we need to heal from to live happier and more peaceful lives. To put it simply: Ego = The Unconscious Mind

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What the F*k is Awakening?

When you cross that line between believing that what you see is all there is and realizing that there truly are infinite dimensions of being that we can’t perceive, then you’re waking the fuck up! Welcome to the exit of the simulation, my friend.

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