Ask and You Shall Receive

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Discovering magic within words I’ve always expressed but never quite encoded with Love. Unlearning grammar, intellect.

Learning to not just emBODY the Truth, but to infuse my internal and external expression with the All.

No looking back, only anchoring in the frequency of my highest Self to share with Mama Gaia and the human collective. I speak from the soul.

No longer to be understood.

No longer to avoid being misunderstood.

No longer for this physical vessel, to feel ego-ic pleasure, of being “seen.” No longer to be seen.

Power, rediscovered, the power of Presence, amplified, by becoming that Presence, the absoluteness of the word it Self, to speak from the energy of Presence, to deliver the energy of Presence. To alchemize the energy of others by inviting them into the space of Divinity.

To deliver the Love of God.


By Being.


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3 months ago

Love it!