Exiting the False Matrix & Walking the Organic Timeline

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At the beginning stages of my awakening between the end of 2017 and throughout 2018, I longed for a Guru. I was confused and had a plethora of questions. There was so much I didn’t understand and I had no one to direct these questions to. I couldn’t afford to hire a coach, go on a spiritual retreat, or embark on a soul-searching journey across the world. I didn’t have any close friends who were into crystals, astrology, tarot or anything “New-Age,” so I was reserved about sharing my spirituality at all. Instead, I was blessed to have my Twin Flame walk beside me and mirror everything that I was, good and bad, holding me accountable for my shortfalls and encouraging my growth. I didn’t know it right away, but our Divinely orchestrated relationship was my teacher.

The Old Timeline

During that time, I was finishing up my undergraduate degree in Pre-Veterinary Science feeling inadequate and unfulfilled. I was making myself ill with the pressure and effort of heavy academics. I made the choice to not move forward with gaining a D.V.M. and hung my head in shame when my peers achieved admittance into their dream school. I adamantly fought this lack mindset until I came home to the realization that this was simply not the path I was meant to walk.

Throughout 2019, after graduation, I had three entirely different jobs. At a small veterinary clinic, I was yelled at almost every single day. I would cry in the basement, inhaling my lunch while sitting on a cardboard box, wondering how the HECK I was making $14 AN HOUR WITH A FREAKIN’ DEGREE I SPENT 4 YEARS AND >$40K TO GET. One day, months into the normalized corporate abuse (basically slavery, imo) and being an emotional punching bag to huffy-puffy, short-tempered doctors, I sent them a resignation email and never came back.

A few months later I found myself at one of the largest research hospitals in Boston as an Animal Research Technician. I really should have anticipated that I was going to absorb the energies of the hundreds and thousands of mice, rats, and other suffering animals being manipulated and tested for the advancement of human “medicine.” I felt so sick during my time there that I went to the ER twice in 3 months, debilitated with pain but never actually having anything physically wrong with me.

Before the end of 2019 I got the heck out of the animal industry– there was nothing left for me there. I landed a mostly-remote position in Customer Service at a successful start-up company and they treated me quite well! I was thriving, building friendships, and gaining hope for humanity now that I was experiencing how a company should treat their employees. And then, you guessed it, COVID-19 forced the company to downsize and I was one of the first to go.

Shifting Timelines

The pandemic shifted the timeline for everyone. We are entering a new stage of human consciousness and that means the old paradigm has to fall apart and be replaced with something far greater. For me and many others, this pandemic triggered what would soon lead to the exit of the false matrix. Before that could happen, though, there was still resistance and struggle. I applied to other jobs because that’s what you’re “supposed to do.” I began a Yoga Teacher Training Course so that if all else fails, I could be a yoga teacher. I invested in a streaming set-up with dreams of becoming a Twitch Star.

I wasn’t out of the false matrix just yet. I was still riddled with unconscious thought patterns, making decisions out of fear, searching desperately outside myself for a path to walk. How can I be like her, or him, or that person?? I wanted what they had! For months, I studied the successes of others while healing from the trauma of being out of alignment for so long.

I was blessed with the space and time to recover from literally, my whole life. Busting ass in school and work since the 7th grade… smh. It was time to straight chill and I took full advantage. The Universe really does love me!

After many, many hours of gaming, anime, and therapeutic, healing conversations with my Twin Flame, August rolled around and I was feeling like it was time to get back on my grind. This blog, my sweet creation, was calling to me! I wrote and published my first post since 2019: Are You Also Having a Mid-Life Crisis at 24? and began my unwavering commitment to this project.

This was always part of my life purpose– to record my ascension process. As soon as I chose to walk my highest path, more truth began revealing itself to me. It’s October now and I have made unbelievable, INCREDIBLE strides in my spiritual growth. August was only 2 months ago but feels like years ago because, well, that was an entirely different timeline. (<– 777 word count lol sorry I just love LOVE synchronicities)

Time Traveling with Dad

If you’ve been reading some of my blog you might know about the chronic pain I’ve been dealing with. I am healing, slowly, but surely. Ever since a professional Reiki session on the full moon, the pain has decreased dramatically. But I felt called to meditate on it again the other day. There was still something there, waiting for me to bring light to it.

I meditated. And my dad came to me. He passed away in 2012, changing my life forever. But he was here with me now, holding me, whispering to me that he was sorry for the pain I was feeling and that he loves me so, so much. I sobbed like a baby, trust. I felt like a baby, being held in her daddy’s arms for the first time in a very long time. Home.

We sat together and I experienced a rush of childhood memories, rising up and washing away. Rising up, and washing away. I was being cleansed. Finally, I smiled. And he whispered in my ear again, “Good job, you pulled us both back into the Organic Timeline.”


The Organic Timeline

I knew exactly what he meant. A piece of my soul was stuck in the past, having abandoned its vessel during a time of severe trauma. A very deeply hidden part of me was replaying, unconsciously, the events of his death, keeping both of our souls in 2012 in a false matrix created by memory. Energy works in mysterious ways, don’t you think? The pain I was feeling was a signal– an encouragement to remember and heal. To return to myself and be whole again. I suppose this is what other Healers call, “soul-retrieval.”

After many, many hours of meditation and self-healing work, I finally retrieved all parts of me that were missing. I have consciously chosen to walk my highest path, and everything else is falling into place. I am officially experiencing the Organic Timeline– the highest timeline for my highest path. You could say that this is the complete opposite of the false matrix.

I am beginning to realize that my path has never been walked before. Whatever I’m doing here, whatever my purpose is– there is no guru to show me the way.

My Twin Flame and I are working on a business that we strongly believe is revolutionary to the content creating world. This is the first of its kind, channeled from the higher realms, to bridge the 5th dimension into our current establishments. The internet is here to stay– we just have to shape it into its highest, most loving form. We are here to be Architects of the New World.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me. I foresee this story only becoming more and more exciting! I am remembering so much about myself, about my purpose, and about being joyful and having fun throughout all of it!!

I love you so much, Family. Until next time! Many blessings. xo

With Infinite Love,

Elizabeth T.

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