Fools are Liars and Prophets, too

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I learned a little bit about my Human Design chart recently, helping to solidify the vision of my purpose & mission this incarnation. As my Healing gifts, magic, and Galactic remembrance return to my knowing I am filled with an itching eagerness and determination to fulfill what I came here to do.

It turns out (and the Galactics always tell me) I’m simply not meant to know everything about my future! That’s okay. I have strong innerstanding that this is the exact experience my Self asked for, hehe.

The phrase , ‘Fools are Liars and Prophets, too’ stuck with me after I learned about Gate 26 at my defined Heart center. In I-Ching this hexagram is called THE TAMING POWER OF THE GREAT because those with this Gate have the impact of pure influence on society & the collective. Think salespeople, celebrities, social media influencers, etc. Apparently, those with this human design get a bad rep for the lower expression of this energy as “Trickster,” when this power is expressed from a place of Ego & self-service and not from conscious integrity.

The reason I’m sharing this intimate detail about my energetic design is because I sea my Self & this Avatar as a technology of Love. I feel in my heart that it is important before I fully embark on my Light work mission & engrave my energetic signature into Mother Gaia’s crystalline grid, I make this crystal clear for both my Self & others.

Organic Technology of Light

I recognize this vessel, my human body, as a physical expression of my consciousness as well as a Sacred tool to perform my ascension work. Our bodies are each designed with Divine, absolute detail to aid us in our journeys in fulfilling our chosen destiny in our lifetime. I am a technology of Light, here to Transmute lower dimensional energies into Love, anchor the highest caliber realities to the collective Now timeline, plant seeds of Spiritual innerstanding within our current society & help to build a thriving, new Earth generated by authenticity, integrity, Truth and Love. 

This is the technology of our future. All and any other lower timelines short of unconditional Service to humanity are rejected, gone!

Reflecting Reflections

I had a reality check yesterday. As I sat with my Shaman teacher during our first scheduled meeting, I came to realize that we were not different. When I looked at her, I saw me. A divine reflection. I knew there was nothing; no knowledge, skill, or wisdom that wasn’t already accessible to me, inside my own Self. To be honest, I was fairly disappointed when the meeting ended. I had fallen off reality. I, for sure, thought she was a God and I was blessed to be in her presence.

Her book, I Am Starseed, woke me tf up from my ‘stuck’ stage of awakening. But truly, All is One. My Higher, multi-dimensional Self orchestrated this sequence of events, aligned me with her work, and woke my Self up. She is me and I am her. We are all Light of the same Rainbow.

Fools are liars and prophets, too. There’s no one, not even me, who possesses a greater power or knowing than your true, authentic Self, for your true, authentic journey. 

The Modern Shaman’s Path

My path is crystal clear to me and I honor it fully. I sea flaws in the Western medical system, in traditional therapy, and even spiritual mentorship and healing to suit our modern world. I innerstand that the multi-dimensionality of our Being requires a multi-dimensional approach to healing our mind, body, and Spirit.

I carry lifetimes of practice in communication, creative/sexual mastery, spiritual teaching and Spirit-guided healing in my literal DNA.

My Self is observing, taking notes, and creating pathways in which we can improve the healthcare sector of our collective awakening. This is happening in the physical 3d reality as well as the astrals in higher frequencies of being. As a Shaman, I am a bridge between worlds, and I do not take my job lightly.

I possess the gift of unrelenting willpower to be the absolute best at what I do, for the people that I do it for.

This world TRULY deserves the BEST healers the galaxies has to offer. I believe this with my entire essence.

It is time. 👁️ AM HERE TO SERVE.

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