From my Cocoon

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It’s been 11 days since my last post. Suspended in space and time.

In life, simply showing up, is enough.

My next steps are always being revealed to me.

Breathing deeply.

Returning to center, the moment the energy feels out of alignment with my heart. is this how monks live?

reasons for not having written much:

  • many downloads
  • much integration
  • majority of my thoughts, in light language, and not english

My aspects are always talking to each other. communication between astral cells. Gifts being offered to me by Spirit and I am so thankful. Powers, returning. Knowledge. Connections with family, both earthly and Galactically are strong and grounded and growing as the frequencies rise and Gaia ascends. Jumping timelines. Healing, transmuting darkness in and around me.

Sure-footed. Making magic. Infusing my words with manifest energy. What I write becomes true.

What I speak has intention. Specific energy. Frequencies of Love.

Grounded to earth and connected to Source.

I performed a healing session with my mom on her birthday & she loved it. I am a vessel of cosmic healing, remembering. Understanding how energy flows through me and out of me, feeling with my hands, what energy feels like, and calling forth life force intelligence to breathe love into the space. Spirit is my teacher. Lifetimes of practice and healing, is my teacher.

Training in Galactic Shamanism. Receiving, receiving, receiving.

My body speaks to me and I listen. I hear my guides whisper in my ear. I astral travel to spaceships. I see through the Galactic perspective of reality. I cannot die.

My career is continuing to manifest. Soon, I will be ready to provide services. Momentum is gaining pace.

Strap in, fam, the ride’s about to get a little faster.

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