Heaven on Earth

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Hi! It’s been awhile since my last post and I’m feeling a call to update the blog.

I am truly living in Heaven on Earth. Yes, the same one they talk about in the Bible and the New Testament doctrines.

 (Rev. 21:1;4: “Then I saw ‘a new heaven and a new earth,’ for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea…’He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away”) and no longer just gnosiological (Isaiah 65:17: “See, I will create/new heavens and a new earth./The former things will not be remembered,/nor will they come to mind”).[3][4]

There’s some truth in every religion, as distorted their programs were manipulated to be, and that’s how they appeal to the human psyche. The higher dimensional negative forces have esoteric knowledge and experience. They knew exactly what they were doing when they implanted lower thought frequencies into the human collective consciousness by masking them behind loving, DNA-activating truths that resonate with our heart and Soul.

Religions contain vibrations of Truth confused with motivations of self-gain and power, just one example of the many human-targeted programs that actively seek to confuse, distort, and block the Divine, organic awareness of Source that is inherent in all of us.

But yes, even so… it’s true, I am living in Heaven on Earth, the same one they talk about in the Bible and the New Testament doctrines.

Earth is Evolving

How, Elizabeth, are you having such a good time while everyone else is frustrated, waiting for things to “go back to normal” or for “when covid is over” or, is struggling because we’re in the midst of a pandemic and there all sorts of lies and unearthed truths coming to light about our out-of-wack government, economy, and society?! Not to mention the ‘multi-dimensional negative forces’ that are still trying to keep the collective from waking up via censorship/media control, fear-mongering, and controlled opposition (Elon Musk, anyone?).

Well, the truth is- it only looks this bad because humanity is going through a mass purging. A collective dark-night-of-the-soul, if you will. Mama Gaia, planet earth, a living, breathing, cosmically-intelligent being, is evolving into higher frequencies of being.

This takes a period of balancing karmas, hence we perceive natural disasters, political and societal unrest. We watch the collective become more divided as polarity seems to increase. This ‘polarity’ reaches a peak and over time, completely transforms into unity, only then we will begin to physically see the positive changes in our collective reality. The new Golden Age is upon us. 

Humans Are Evolving

Life evolves. Species evolve, or they die. Even in the matrix, evolutionary science has proven that. What makes human beings different? We, too, are meant to continue growing as a species– just not in the machine, AI technological way that most people think.

This is a spiritual evolution.

As of 2021, we have officially entered new and higher levels of planetary consciousness. Humanity is mastering the lesson of duality and we are arriving at our collective spiritual graduation, on our own individual timeline.

That is to say: Earth is evolving on HER timeline, and you have the choice to consciously evolve alongside her, which is an infinitely more pleasurable experience. To resist the change and evolution of your being is to simply postpone your own growth and arrival to your own heaven on earth. 

Humanity is evolving from the 3rd dimension of dense matter to the 5th dimension of cosmic intelligence and multi-dimensional being. We’re not leaving the 3rd dimension as some people might believe. We are expanding our consciousness to perceive higher levels of energy/information and opening up communication to higher dimensional beings beyond the scope of our physical senses.

Our reality is then perceived as multi-dimensional, and we can begin to sense the energy freely flowing through our crown chakras, filling our physical bodies with ever-loving life-force, to be channeled in our daily lives with gratitude and honor, giving back to Mama Earth as we do so. The perfect balance of give and take. Infinite reciprocation. Becoming one with the greater consciousness while holding onto our unique individuality and Sovereignty as Divine Creator beings.

Alas, we arrive here, in total, blissful, multi-dimensional awareness, free of the old-paradigm’s unconscious suffering and limitations, only after healing the Self (body and mind), and overcoming the programs that prevent us from truly remembering who we are, where we came from, and why we are here.

Anti-Evolution Programs

Let’s compare the human vessel to a programmable computer system. Our light-body DNA is the Source-created, organic code template, and all other generational, ancestral, multi-dimensional, trauma-based imprints, thought-forms, and implants (basically all other distorted geometries in the human bio-field) are viruses to the programming. Anything that makes you feel less than a joyful, healthy, Divine Creator Being is not a part of your true organic being.

Our physical bodies are capable of holding dense energies beyond space and time, such as trauma carried on from past lives or our ancient ancestors. We are meant to tap into these energies with loving awareness and an intention to heal through them so that we can integrate their lessons and free our vessels of stagnant energy.

Our bodies can also be affected by energetic implants placed by negative aliens in an attempt to block or at least slow down the remembrance of your true Divine nature. There are certain agendas, such as the Sexual Misery program, which actively seek to siphon humanity’s sacred sexual energies which is equal to our creative life-force energy.

The greater lens behind why this happens is because duality is natural by law in the 3rd dimension. Where there is a force of light and ascension, there is also the force that will try to prevent it from happening.

The distorted frequencies that are intended to prevent humanity from divine remembrance is what I’m coining anti-evolution programming. There are very powerful, wealthy elite forces that have been trying to control over much of how society works, with their own power at their best interest.

If you are on your healing journey, this is nothing to be afraid of, because the dual nature of the old reality transforms into unity, truth, and love as we ascend into the 5th dimension. The darkness is falling. They don’t stand a chance!

We are already in the New Earth– it’s simply a matter of healing and clearing our vessels to be able to tap into the frequency. This is about claiming our Sovereignty and taking back our power. Humans are creators of their own reality and we are realizing we can choose our narrative to experience the highest reality for our greatest and highest good.

De-Programming = Self-Healing

The key to aligning with your organic, Source-connected Self and overcoming the anti-evolution programming is committing to healing/clearing your body and mind of all false matrix-aligned frequencies that have distorted your energetic body and perception of the Truth. At the practical level, this literally means cutting off the consumption of anything that lowers your vibration through the warping of your physical DNA template and spiritual consciousness. 

Anti-evolution programming can be found in mainstream music and media, movies, tv shows, video games, inorganic/processed food (including white sugar), and otherwise certain frequencies within ‘normal’ culture, such as some generational traditions and religious practices. It can be found in the negative thought forms that repeat themselves in your head.

With the practice of awareness, you can train your body and mind to discern what is allowing you to evolve and what is preventing you from stepping into your highest alignment. This is where discernment comes in. That which drains your life force, food or media content that make you feel sick or uneasy can usually be considered anti-evolution programming. That which gives you joy, presence, and energy is the Source-connected life force that naturally flows through our vessels and allows for our bodies to Self-heal. 

We inherently understand that our bodies are super intelligent, self-healing technologies. What many of us don’t realize is that we get sick because we hold onto frequencies and trauma-based energies that perpetuate itself within our vessel, like a cancer. If ignored long enough, these energies could easily manifest into a physical disease.

When we choose to de-program our bodies/intelligent bio-computer systems, when we become mindful of what frequencies we are taking in and refusing the ones that steal our life-force, when we consciously CHOOSE to HEAL our Selves, our bodies are eager to respond and we can actually begin to perceive exactly what it needs and when. Our bodies start speaking to us and we are able to listen.

That is the power of claiming your Sovereignty as a Creator being.

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Heaven on Earth

Healing your Self of the matrix programming is the ticket to your own Heaven on Earth. As your consciousness expands, you can begin consciously interacting with the quantum field, recognizing how your energy responds to the energy that make your reality. You are able to communicate with the universe about your needs and desires and the universe responds lovingly, without fail, in the most creative ways. 

You never need external validation from outside sources because you ARE Source. Your relationship with Spirit is yours alone, and all that you need to feel completely supported and loved.

You don’t have to work hard to be wealthy and abundant. You never have to rush or feel pressured. Time becomes irrelevant when you are always in flow with the universe. Life is full of ease and grace, there is gratitude in every action and joy through all the phases. ~

This is the next stage of human evolution– a spiritual evolution.

I awake each grand rising with the conscious awareness of how awesome and Divine my experience is going to be, another beautiful amazing day on planet Mama Gaia!! I perceive the quantum light-field that we call reality and through conscious, practiced manifestation and I weave my experience into exactly what I want it to be.

When I meet resistance, I choose stillness and re-align.

I am actively clearing my vessel of any and all remaining programs that are preventing me from fully stepping into my Self as a Divine Creator being by setting the focused intention to do so.

I visualize and hold close who I want to be and I become her.

I am Love. There is so much love, all around me and all the time.

I am free.

And this is heaven on earth, a dream come true.

Thank you.



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