My Story

My Story

As a young child I was always aware of a greater perspective than that which was being fed to me. Growing up in the United States as a first-generation child of Vietnamese refugee parents prompted a humble set of experiences that ultimately led to my own spiritual awakening. After years of committed academic study, I bravely let go of my intention to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My physical body was resisting this path every step of the way— subjecting me to a myriad of mental and physical health issues including: depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, and seizures.

I finally realized I was blindly following an inorganic system that did not truly prioritize my health, happiness, and personal success.

I was ignoring the innate intelligence of my own body’s intuition and following what I believed was pre-destined. As I committed to my awakening and journey of Self-healing, this old world of constant suffering, anxiety, and pain began to fall away. A new, magical and resonating truth started taking its place.

Remembrance of my true galactic nature blasted off when I threw my arms up and screamed to the cosmos that I would strip my reality of all that no longer served my greatest good. I held in my heart, the intention to integrate the highest version of my Self— confident, creative, abundant, and unconditionally loving. In my state of total surrender, I was guided to detox my mind and body, study science and spirituality as one, and practice various energy healing techniques including Reiki and shamanism.

Through a persistent and daily self-healing practice, my extrasensory, intuitive, and psychic abilities were intensely activated. I began perceiving, and soon, consciously working with my own higher Avatar aspects and my Spirit Team, to receive helpful information and direct spiritual guidance for my self-mastery and galactic mission. My inherent gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairaudience continue to unravel and strengthen as I grow and evolve along my path of service-to-other.

I believe in everyone’s birthright to their own heaven on earth. I believe we are each meant to master our personal energy and channel our pure divine essence into real life prosperity. This is how we manifest a collective heaven on earth— by curiously and compassionately addressing all layers of our multidimensional being and embracing our true nature as God Creator Beings. From the ground up we can effectively heal the physical-spiritual body to allow the purity of Source consciousness to flow through us. This is how we step into our destiny, lovingly wielding the Godly responsibility of Creation.