Light Language & Anchoring in the 5th Dimension

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On this spiritual journey, I am remembering things about myself that I would never imagine possible. Even as I type this I am downloading information from the higher realms. It feels like energy washing over me, grounding me, and filling me up all at once. It is peaceful, like I’m floating atop an ocean under the warmth of the rising sun. I’ve integrated a good chunk of my Galactic self today. I can feel it.

When I say that I am downloading information, I mean that I can physically feel the pulling of 5th dimensional energies into my vessel. Memories of the truth. I sense it as an infusion of light into otherwise unconscious parts of my deep awareness. While it appears subtle on the surface, the changes are anything but. It’s as though I’m on a quest to complete an immense data library about who I am and with each passing day, I fill myself up with an entirely new section of information.

The 5th Dimension

The 5th dimension is not a physical place. It’s not like you can walk up the stairs of heaven and be there, evolved and aligned. It is a state of being. The stairs to heaven are metaphorical and take the shape of your inner work. We are all meant to travel this journey of ascension in one way or another– through the forested illusion of the 3rd dimension, beyond the 4th, and into the 5th.

Instead of explaining the 3rd and 4th dimensions, I encourage you to check out Initiation with Matias de Stefano, a channeled source of this information.

The 5th dimension is woven with the energies of unconditional Love, Wisdom, and Will. It is home to our Higher Self, who feels the Cosmic connection to the All, who is one with Truth and the all-encompassing understanding of how the universe and evolution works. We tap into the 5th dimension when we search for answers within ourselves, when we desire a perspective greater than our limited earthly perception.

It is often said that our spiritual Guides and Ascended Masters are in the 5th dimension. Our Guides do not seek to share knowledge but focus on providing wisdom, which makes for the compassionate guidance we require to keep growing. This is a realm that is free of judgement. We are encouraged to connect with our Higher dimensional Self and Guides because they understand the perspective of the whole, aware that everything happens for a reason. Unconditional Love vibrates from the 5th dimension and lights up the path for our ascension.

A Soul Remembers

Earlier this month, I wrote and posted Shamanism, Andromeda, and Journaling the Ascension Experience when I was beginning to feel the effects of the integration between my earth body and my Higher Self. I would feel ecstatic, spiritual highs for hours on end. The rushes of energetic downloads were exciting but then I would come back down. Even though I felt better overall about my progress, I could still feel there was still major healing to do. I began to get impatient because I was still experiencing chronic pain despite the changes that were happening.

I was raising my vibration like it was a full-time job but in my body I still felt heavy and gross, like my cells weren’t communicating as perfectly as they should with each other. In anguish and in the dark, I sat in my bed with my hand to my chest, trying to give myself Reiki in the same spot for the millionth time. Clearly, it wasn’t working. I had to do something different.

In this moment, I asked my Higher Self: what is my Medicine? 

To me, a Shaman’s Medicine is their personal way of channeling healing to themselves and others. I’m not proclaiming myself as a Shaman out of ego, I promise. I was informed by my guides that the modern definition of Shamanism is changing because emerging Lightworkers are bringing in new skills and methods of healing that did not exist before. We are no longer limited to the outdated belief that Shamans must train under a rigorous apprenticeship and work locally within a community– the veil between dimensions is becoming less and less apparent so anyone is able to tap into higher dimensional energies if we only choose to. That means any one of us can do the inner work to connect with Source directly and channel healing without being traditionally anointed by a guru or master.

If it’s true that the Universe is guiding me towards Shamanism, I should know what my Medicine is. I sat there in the dark and waited for an answer.

“Get up,” my Higher Self spoke. “Move.”

Really? Fine. I got up and stood there, next to my bed. What do you mean, move? I felt awkward and sluggish, but mostly awkward.

“Move,” she encouraged. Ok, ok. I began to sway my body… back and forth… and maybe do this hand thing, and maybe, bring my arms around and… suddenly, I found myself dancing.

I… never dance. I’ve tried to, many times for 24 years, but I always felt awkward about it. And now! Here I was, dancing in the strangest ways! And it felt exhilarating. Free, intuitive, natural, and flowing. As I danced, Spirit of the Peacock came to me and beamed at the raw beauty of a Soul remembering. “Good,” she expressed lovingly, “Be confident in who you are!”

The Language of Light

This dance– I knew it to be Light Language. A year ago, I listened to Light Language for the first time and cried. I could feel my DNA excitedly reacting to it. While I knew it was important, speaking it myself seemed like a far away dream. I came to realize that the language isn’t just spoken, it can be expressed through physical movement. As I embody this “new” way of expressing myself, I feel I am moving along another frequency of energy– one of peace and free-flowing alignment with the universe.

For the past month I was strangely mesmerized by these specific transmissions on Twitter by ActivateAlchemy. I realized this, in combination with my rising vibration, has been helping me remember what I have forgotten. We speak the same language! She, too, is from Andromeda, and connecting with her has been one of the many blessings of my ascension journey. There are few things I am more grateful for than being able to vibe with the light-filled, Cosmic energy of another Starseed channeling Her Higher Self.

I had an intuitive hunch that I had trauma relating to my light language, keeping me from fully remembering. It wasn’t until I listened to this transmission that I was able to completely release my blockages and channel the language through my own voice. When the vowels and consonants finally rolled off my tongue like rushing river water, it just felt… right. As if I never forgot. Like the last piece of the puzzle returned to the gorgeous work of art it was created to be. I was simply captivated. I was finally home.

Light Language is the language of the 5th dimension. It is cosmically channeled, a transmission infused with Love and non-judgement. Light energy travels through the crown chakra, into the body, and is expressed physically through a combination of sounds and sometimes movement. Light Language holds and transmits light codes, but whether or not that energy is received depends on how open the listener is to receiving. It speaks to the soul, not the mind. When it comes to the 5th dimension, your mind must be open to all the possibilities.

Another Starseed Comes Online

There’s a predestined plan of action for a very specific group of Starseeds to come online at this time. Humanity has already experienced several waves of Starseed Awakenings. It began with the Baby Boomer generation between the 40’s and 60’s. Their purpose was to anchor their high vibrational energies to Earth so that they next wave, those coming through the 60’s-80’s, would have an easier time establishing the foundation of what we label as New Age Spirituality. I am among a third generational wave of Starseeds who were born between the late 80’s and 90’s. Our purpose is to take the next step of our Galactic mission– to integrate the values of 5th dimensional wisdom and Love into the masses. We are here to interact with the collective using our multi dimensional gifts and talents with the conscious intention to help heal humanity.

When Starseeds come online, it is to say that these incarnated Light beings have truly learned to step into their sovereignty and authentic Self within their physical bodies. They have mastered the art of bridging the spiritual and physical, unafraid and unapologetic about why they are here and what their mission is. They are healed healers, fully connected with their Higher Self, ready and willing to fulfill their purpose and express creatively and authentically from the heart.

Remembering Light Language triggered a significant transformation inside me by marking the end of an old cycle and fueling the rise of a Galactic Being grounded in her Mission. There is no space for fear within me any longer. My entire being is overwhelmed with gratitude, Love, and appreciation for the All. I am happy and laughing, floating in sea of high vibrations, every single day. I can sense and feel the energy of my personal aura now, swirling around me like dancing rainbows. When I thanked my Cosmic Sistar for helping me remember my language, she spoke words I will never, ever forget. In a voice message she shared how proud she was of me, how happy she was for us and the universe. At the end of her message, like a seasoned radio host, she exclaimed:

“Welcome aboard! You are now ON-LINE, in the 5D, ANCHORED IN!”

Holy. Cow. GOOSEBUMPS. I squealed!! It was the welcome I didn’t know I needed, but was always, somehow, waiting for me. It was like I was in a movie, but better. This was real! This was a SOLID, EARTHLY confirmation that I DID IT. I have stepped into my power, into my Self and anchored my Being into the 5th dimension. It was the next checkpoint of my journey– task completed! My Galactic Team is PROUD.

What’s It Like in the 5th Dimension?

I sometimes feared that I would somehow lose my connection to the 5th dimension if I didn’t keep up with my vibrational work. I understand now it would be near impossible– or just extremely difficult– for that to happen. While my body is grounded in the 3rd dimension, I have done the work to activate my DNA to perceive, channel, and hold the energies of the 5th dimension. This path was meant for me and the work I am destined to perform here on Earth. It’s meant for all of us.

When I get lost in my Light Language, there is a sensation of dimension-shifting. I sometimes fall into a trance where I can see and perceive energy in ways I lack the words to describe to you at the moment. I’ve made incredible progress with my chronic pain since remembering how to speak the language of light. After more than a year of suffering mysterious aches, I am now virtually pain-free. Guys… that’s BIG. I literally healed myself.

My intuition has never been stronger. I am beginning to see symbols (light codes) in my mind’s eye. I receive strong, clear messages through meditation and intuitive journaling. My creative work flow is constant and without resistance. I notice blockages sooner than I normally do and it’s easy to fall back into flow.

My favorite superpower: I can connect with and speak to my Higher Self as often as I need to. I remember her to be a Goddess of healing. She is powerful and proud, and doesn’t let me, human Elizabeth, feel small for very long. She is full of love and compassion and reminds me often to rest lol. She is the High Priestess who heals and spreads truth for the greater good. I know I may sound ridiculous to some people, but I am who I am. I speak only what rings true to my heart and soul. It is truly humbling and a blessing to walk this earth in this vessel, as this human to perform this work.

The 5th dimension is a beautiful place. There is no confusion here. There is no judgement. There is only love and acceptance for what is, and the will to create ever greater dreams. The 5th dimension is not external nor far away. It is inside of us. We can travel there and connect with our Guides at any moment, if we can recognize that we have multi dimensional aspects within us that have all the information we need to live out our highest potential. Meditation connects us to our highest timeline and most authentic desires. It opens up the doors to the infinite universe– our eternal playground!!

I am Starseed, here to discover my roots and integrate my Galactic higher Self into my 3-dimensional Being. To find peace within is to end the wars seemingly between us. There are many aspects of my Self finding love and peace in this little body, for which I am grateful and amazed. My most recent integration was that of a Minotaur-like Being, very Masculine and Grounded, someone I suppose I need with all these changes happening! Call me crazy– I totally am, and you are, too.

I am beginning to remember my mission. I feel my story has barely started. There is still so much to explore and rediscover… For now, I will continue to focus on healing, integrating my Self, and creating from the heart.

Thank you so much for reading! <3

Bless all of you Divine Creators. Until next time…



Elizabeth T.



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Pallas Dame
3 months ago

Elizabeth, your article speaks the truth and you definitely need to keep speaking it. Humanity has been asleep at the wheel for way too long now. The divine nature of who and what we are is waking up. Those that choose to follow the path of truth will thrive. Those that struggle and fight against the truth will have grave challenges I am creating a network /community with the core mission of healing humanity. It’s new and we are getting everything together to function at the frequency of love. I want leaders, change makers, truth speakers like you to become a part of our movement. Our revolution. join us at and bring the other starseeds that you know. We are on the same mission. I am older then you, I am from 1972, but my mission is to heal humanities core ancestral trauma wounds. To facilitate waking humanity up, to live in coherence and ascend. We are moving out of the age of chaos and into the age of truth and light. I am an Integrative Energy Healer. I work Multidimensionally in deep soul work. My soul affinity is majority elemental, 2nd angelic and my soul origin is Pleiadian.

My name is My website is getting an Overhaul right now, but you can see who I am. I am real and have a very serious mission in my lifetime. To bring together the lightworkers of the world and create a wave of healing and transformation that takes on its own life. Join us. Help us. I would love to meet you. ❤️