The Art of Being Multidimensional 👽

Episode 1

Introductory Episode

As an introduction, we touch on Starseed purpose, the Christos Mission, DNA activation, and other ascension things.

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Hello there, friends. Welcome to the Earth side chillin podcast. My name is this is Elizabeth, and I just want to offer for this first episode in introduction to who I am, what I’m all about, and my intentions for this podcast. Yeah, let’s get into it.

I am an Andromedan star seed from what I have gathered through my journeys and meditations and downloads. The job of my Andromedin avatar is that of a scientist and delegator of starts. She works within a galactic council and helps to make decisions that help the evolution of planets and species within our galaxy, including that of Earth and human beings. So she’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

My human avatar me, Elizabeth. I like to describe myself as a new Earth frequency holder. I am very much here to hold down the highest frequencies of source consciousness, to allow the energy to flow through me and be grounded into the Earth as a conduit of source energy. To put my purpose and mission into super broad terms, I hold the intention to serve my highest source and embody my highest self and allow source energy to work through me.

A major part of this mission really does consist of observation. So passively, what I experience down here on Earth is taken as notes per se and received by my higher aspects and my spirit team up there. So from my understanding, the more information that they have about this world and about 3D reality, the better that they can assist our evolution of consciousness across the board for everyone.

For example, just to better understand what I’m trying to say, gathering information about certain struggles on Earth really helps their research from the higher dimensions. And then they can telepathically transmit solutions and ideas to people on Earth who are looking to receive that information and usually have the resources to take action towards solving those problems for the highest good of the collective and of the planet. So I think it’s important to recognize that while these higher dimensional beings are aware of much more than we are as human beings, they don’t know everything. They are learning just as we are through experiencing life and existence, they’re just learning at a higher dimensional level. But it’s all a team effort. We’re all growing together. Reality itself is just this grand cosmic experiment, or just the Universe experiencing itself in all of its beautiful, wonderful, amazing fractals.

And yeah, overall I am an agent of the Christos mission, which I describe as the reinstatement of the fallen matrix back into its original divine blueprint as it emerges from source as it was originally intended to manifest. The original divine blueprint is the natural order of creation. It is how it’s intended to be structured, it is how it was designed to be manifested. And also known as the Christos Imprint. This is the original perfect mathematical coding for our universal template. As we all know, though because we live it every single day. This reality is not so perfect. It is far from it. It’s actually kind of booty, it’s a little bit whack. And this is because due to the free will of certain beings and species, a great deal of damage and fragmentation has been inflicted on our universe. This caused separation between dimensions and it allowed the creation of artificial fallen matrices like here on Earth. This is why there’s so much suffering. This is why there is such a prevalence of the divide and conquer and competition mindset. This is why there’s so much ego and a lack of awareness and connection to our higher selves. Many of us are quite disconnected from the oneness, from the love for ourselves and each other.

That was the original intention for our experience. And the Christos mission is all about anchoring the integrity of this original source intention on all levels of creation. In all dimensions. In all of space time is my belief that humans are destined to re-access and reactivate our crystals connection. To remember and embody our source connection so that we can all be our truest highest selves and work together to collectively heal one another and the planet. So that’s who I am, that’s what I’m about. That’s what I’m doing here. My intentions for this podcast, and it’s part of my mission to share what I have observed, what I have learned through my research, my downloads, and my own personal experiences in this life and this Earth reality as it relates and connects to my mission to assist the evolution and healing of human consciousness. I’m very much here to anchor in that frequency of love, of truth, of authenticity, of compassion and forgiveness and oneness unity.

I’m really hoping to connect with those who resonate with my energy and my work and what I have to offer here. But fair warning, while I do try to keep this podcast as chill as possible, as you can probably already tell, the information that I’m sharing can be pretty intense, especially when I start to get into the fallen matrix and the negative agenda. So please do listen to my podcast with caution, with compassion, and with patience, because it can be a lot to take in. What I have to share might not just challenge your current beliefs and what you currently know to be your reality, but the nature of the frequencies that I am sharing may even activate at a cellular level, a certain remembrance within your DNA which takes time to integrate into your being. DNA activation is a big part of the Christos mission if we are to remember who we are and as human beings, as Indigo’s star seeds. Why we are here, what we are doing here, what we are working towards, it is in our DNA. Everything we need, all of our tools, all of our gifts, all of our memories are stored within our DNA strands. Yeah, it can be a lot, so just be aware of that.

Also, please do remember that I am also learning as I go along. I am studying these things and sharing them. As I am integrating the information, I’m sharing it from my level of understanding. So please practice discernment by taking what resonates and leaving the rest. Because I am no ascended master. I am not perfect. I am not more evolved than you or the next guy or anything like that. I am not here to convince you that I have the full and total truth. I only share what really resonates with my soul. I only share what I feel deeply called to share what has been recurrent in my last few years of study and what I have been integrating. And, yeah, the content that I put out here, it might change. It might change as I grow as a human being and as I evolve as well, because I’m from the stars. But I’m a little human being just trying my best to be helpful in this universe and the people I love. I think that’s all I really have for my introduction.

Thank you so much for being here. You absolutely have my full gratitude. And I’m feeling so blessed, so honored that you would even consider investing your precious time and energy into this crazy little corner of the podcast world where I just talk like a crazy, loopy conspiracy theorist. Hopefully, you don’t feel that way, but I can probably come off that way to some people. But if you’re here and you made it to the end of this episode, then you are definitely a part of my soul family. And we are Earth side chilling. We are taking in this multi dimensional experience fully and expressing ourselves as authentically as we can with all the love that we have for creation, for ourselves, and for Mama Gaia. So thanks for choosing the light! I’ll talk to you guys soon. Sending so much love. Okay, bye now.