The Art of Being Multidimensional 👽

Episode 2

Negative ET’s & The New Earth “Split”

Quotation Mark

Information on Galactic History, Negative ET’s and personal opinions on the New Earth “Split.”

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Hello, friends. Welcome to my stream of consciousness. It is is about 02:00 a.m. As I recorded this. But hey, time isn’t real, is it? So we’re just going with the flow of inspiration. The creative flow isn’t on a schedule, really. So we just flow along with it. We let it happen. We surrender to the energy and let it flow through us. What other ways there to live, huh? So I’m laying in bed and I’m having all these thoughts, and I’m thinking to myself, oh man, how can I possibly keep these thoughts to myself? This is a great outlet to let it all out. I don’t even know if I’m going to share this, but it’s really good practice for my throat chakra. So I’m just going to let myself let myself freely express my streamline of thoughts of consciousness. No holding back, just embracing my authentic expression as a human being on this planet, living at the time Matrix dream, right? Okay, let me just relax into myself and just let it come.

As a star seed that has volunteered to be here to hold down the highest frequency, I’m always asking myself, what am I supposed to be doing right now? How can I fulfill the mission I came here to do? It seems like that’s really at the top of my list. It’s my priority fulfill permission. And it feels quite serious most of the time. It’s hard not to feel the pressure of it. Of the success. Of the fulfillment of my purpose here. Simply because I am fully aware of the negative agenda and the amount of suffering in the world. The amount of deceit. The confusion. The manipulation of our memory. The fact that most of us don’t actually know who we are. That we have forgotten our roots. And that there is a plan. There’s a destiny for not just us, but the Earth herself. So it does feel quite serious sometimes, knowing that it’s not all love and light. The darkness is very real on this planet. The violence, the suffering, the wise. But for the sake of our sanity and our mental health, I can’t focus too much on it. We just have to be aware that it’s happening and not be afraid of it. So I try my best to keep it lighthearted, enjoying the small moments, finding the magic and joy in the present moment, but here and now. And it takes quite a high level of mastery to do that, knowing everything that’s going on. But there’s no room for fear in our hearts when we have so much love, when we are also aware that the drama of the cosmic unfolding of the ancient battle for dominion between these fallen angelic beings is in fact coming to an end. Yes, there is something called a stellar activation cycle that has come into effect since 2012, and we are on track to experiencing a phase of evolution into higher states of being.

This is a part of the cosmic manifestation of the organic matrix of how it was designed to be. And even this, the negative ETS cannot escape. And they’ve known this. This is why they are trying their absolute best to really maximize their playtime, because they know it’s ending. They know their story is finishing up, the curtains are closing, and we are entering a new age. And you know what? This is a great time to dive into what the New Age community is calling the split. There’s a lot of misinformation, there’s a lot of disinformation, and it’s mostly because we just love to regurgitate information without tapping into our own source and speaking from our own soul knowledge. Personally, I don’t like to speak on things that I don’t fully understand at an embodied level, but I do want to share my perspective on the split.

There’s a theory of two Earths. One Earth is where the bad guys are going to continue to fight. And then there’s a split into a second Earth where the people who have been doing the work can ascend into the fifth dimension. And there are, you know, I’m on TikTok and there are videos who will claim a specific date. This is the date where the Earth is going to split into 2, August 27 at 02:00 p.m.. And I laugh at those videos. It’s a little bit sad that people do eat that up. People eat up those kinds of content, that kind of content. And I don’t believe that this explanation, this interpretation of the New Age Earth destiny is accurate. I believe that this process of ascension into the fifth dimension per se requires time. And it’s over time that we are moving through this ladder of vibrational frequency. And on Earth we perceive this to be a very slow process. And let me dive into that a little bit more.

There’s a history that is not well known. It is has been kept very secret for a very long time. And it’s about the negative aliens. It’s the fact that there are mainly two groups of fallen Angelics, the ANU Elohim, also known as the Anununaki, and the Draconians, the Draco reptilians. And these two groups have been warring for a very long time and they have been using Earth as their dress board, basically. And they are very much here right now and present day, present time, their DNA is in humans and humans aren’t always aware of this. They hardly are. How could they know that their ancestors are negative ETS? I don’t think I’d want to know if I was a child of invaders.

There’s a lot that goes into this. There are a lot of details that I’m not going to be able to really share here because there’s just so much. And I’m learning this information from the Voyagers Ashayana Dean, and I share it because I resonate with it on a soul level. When I study these things, they activate an inner remembrance in my own body. And this is why I believe it is the truth. You know, it doesn’t have to resonate with everyone. But for me, it does put all of this into perspective, life on Earth, because I am someone who likes to know the truth, who searches for answers, who does her research, who practices discernment, finds the root, the source. And I’m now realizing that I’m also meant to share these things that I’m learning.

So back to the history, the true galactic history of this drama, of this story that has been playing out. These negative aliens, these two groups, the Anunnaki and the Draco reptilians. In order to play their game, they had to inhabit human bodies. And some of them have permission to. In the beginning, they were allowed an opportunity to re evolve through the human body. They were tired of being evil, some of them. Some of them retired. They didn’t want to keep suffering the way that they were. They didn’t want to keep living the life that they were living. They wanted to be good again. They wanted to come back to their original divine template. So they were given the opportunity to be born into human bodies. But what happened after that was done and agreed on their ancestors, their alien, negative et great grandfathers, and decided to use them as puppets and do their bidding, play their war, be their soldiers. And when you have the DNA of a fallen Angelic being, you are more susceptible to their control. It’s easier for them to hijack the consciousness, hijack the body and do as they please.

So it’s been a long time, it’s been thousands, if not tens of thousands of years since this war has been going on, since this game has been being played between two main groups of ego possessed beings who want to be the conquerors of the universe. And they have infiltrated the human species. They are living human bodies. And this split isn’t going to happen in one day because there are going to be people who continue to play out these negative agendas. And what needs to happen is that their DNA, the negative fall and distorted mutated DNA, has to be out. What is it called? It just needs to die out, you know, and the guardians of this planet, the Angelic humans, are coming back. There needs to be more Angelic DNA than there is fallen DNA. And that takes time.

I’m not quite sure it’s going to happen in my lifetime or in your lifetime, but it will happen. We see it happening. But the seller activation cycle is just beginning. It’s just starting. So we’re not going to see heaven on Earth next week. We’re not going to see the end of the elite, the end of the evil. We’re not going to see it next week. We’re not going to see it next month. We’re not going to see it next year. We’re going to watch this play out for a little bit longer. I feel like it would only happen quickly and faster if something were on the line, if it would have to get really bad before it could happen quickly.

But I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to shock the human population with UFO wars, which is people need to know what’s really happening. And this information is not easily digestible. It really shocks the nervous system when you are faced with a reality that you never believed could be possible. So that’s how I feel about the split, the story of the split. I don’t think there’s going to be two Earth. I think that the Earth has to out evolve the Negativity. We got to breed out the Negativity, nay, the fallen DNA, the distorted DNA. Kind of like Darwin’s theory, which has its flaws. It’s not completely true, but it does have some key points in it.

Like just as an example, to better understand what I’m trying to say. Darwin’s theory, survival of the fittest. If this characteristic trait is not beneficial to the evolution of the species, then those genes are not carried on. And this is what that is. Those genes that no longer benefit the evolution of humankind is just going to simply die out. As we continue to birth more and more humans, they’re going to hold more and more light, more love, more alignment with divine will and God’s Source energy. God Source connection. Of course. All is God source. Energy. But there’s a Christic imprint, there’s a Christic spark that is connected to God’s Source, to the cosmic template that is organic and perfect. The Fallen Angelics do not have this Christic imprint, which means that they’re not able to feel oneness love, compassion, kindness.

Yeah, it’s an important part of being a child of God and wanting to follow what was originally intended for. Evolution of the living universe, evolution of species, the everexpansion of the galaxy, the negative, the Et. Fallen Angelics very much want the opposite. They thrive on the reversal of the original organic mathematical coding of expansion and eternal life.

They want the opposite. They want to conquer. They want to limit free will. They want to play God, do it their way. But they’re running out of time here. They don’t have any more power. It’s slowly dying out. They can’t really overpower the light. They knew this was coming, and I suppose they decided that they would have fun through the end of it. I’m not sure where they go at the end of this teller activation cycle. These beings are highly evolved. Just on the fall inside.

Yeah. I don’t know if they go poof or if they do get to live on another planet and keep playing their game. I’m not sure. Are we still going to respect their free will? I mean, I guess we have to.

I really got to figure out got to research more about that and share my findings. There’s always questions, aren’t there? Can’t always know everything. But we can ask questions and surrender to receiving what we are ready to know. But just in case, let me tap in real quick and see if my oversold, my higher self, has anything to share with me about what happens to these Fallen once they are no longer able to influence anything that is happening on the surface of the planet. Once their genes can no longer be upheld within the human body, what happens to them after this stellar activation cycle?

So the only reason why this Earth matrix has been kept open all this time was for the Angelic humans and the Indigo back into the path of evolution, for them to experience bio regenerasis back to their divine template. So what I’m hearing is that as long as there are Fallen species, there is going to be a Fallen matrix. I’m also hearing that they have their own planet, they have their own dimension reality that is theirs. So the Anunnaki have their own planet or whatever, and the Draco reptilians have their own home. And as long as they choose to remain as they are, they will remain as they are. But they will no longer have access to Earth. They’re going to continue being Fallen, doing their thing. But the story on Earth at least, they’re not allowed here anymore.

The ones who have chosen to continue on the path of evolution, the path of bio regenesis, they will ascend with the Earth from 3D to 5D. But I’m not really sure what that even means. I’m still studying this stuff. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert, my level of understanding is not at a master level, but I like to share how I’m digesting all of it and the questions I still have. But I know enough that I can ask questions sometimes. We don’t know what we don’t know, but there’s a lot here. It’s a big story. There’s a lot of sadness. But there’s also a lot of hope and honor and integrity and strength. Courage for us to be here on this planet. Doing what we’re doing. Holding down the light. Holding down the love. Sharing what we know to be true. Expressing our creativity. Inspiring others. Being the God creator beings that we came here to be. To show everyone else what they are capable of.

They themselves can overcome the pain and the suffering that seems so inherent to this reality, to this experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Things are changing. Slowly, seemingly, at least to us. It is slowly happening. But we can’t disregard the fact that we are three dimensional, that we are bound by space and time. Anyone who tells you otherwise, saying that we live in the fifth dimension is wrong. We are still very 3D, we are still very physical, and therefore we need physical solutions and physical progress. But we’ll get there, just not tomorrow. So, yeah, thanks for tuning in. I think that’s all I have for tonight. Hope you enjoyed my streamline of consciousness, my late night thoughts. Yeah, I’m grateful to be able to do this, to just express myself as authentically as I can. It just feels fulfilling. The process and the journey of it is the fulfilling part. Whatever comes after, it’s just extra blessings, you know? So thank you and hope you enjoy the rest of your day or night or morning, wherever you are, whenever you are sending so much love, abundance, blessings on top of blessings. May you be washed over with with everything you deserve and more. All right, see you next time.