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Episode 3

Being Human

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Elizabeth’s personal experience and thoughts on being human in this world. Spoiler alert… it’s awkward.

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Hello there, friends. Welcome to another episode of the Earth Side Chilling podcast. My name is Elizabeth and I am an Andromedan starseed chillin’ on Earth. So last week I talked about the negative ETS and some galactic history and my opinions on the new Earth split. So it was pretty jam-packed with some intense information. It was a lot, and it can be quite heavy information for a lot of people. And it’s pretty out there. It’s not what people usually talk about while having dinner and casually hanging out with their friends and stuff. So this week, I want to be a little bit more human.

I want to share my experience and my thoughts on what it’s like to be an awakened star seed having this very physical experience on Earth, and I want to describe it as awkward. I find it very awkward. I’m a little embarrassed and I’m not sure why. I’m sure I have some blockages and some programming that I still need to work through, which is part of the reason why I have this podcast, why I started speaking into a microphone and recording it and posting it, because it really helps me parse out my thoughts and helps me practice expressing my thoughts authentically without needing to be perfect. Because as much as I want to be perfect and precise and polished, I really am not. I’m really messy. I’m pretty sure I’m undiagnosed autistic with a little sprinkle of ADD. I have a brain that works differently.

Yeah, I feel like I have information coming in from, like, all different parts of my brain at once, and I think faster than I can speak. So my social interactions, they’re probably not as awkward as I’m perceiving them to be, but I feel like I have to mask a lot, and I have been masking most of my life. And it wasn’t until my awakening and deep into years after my initial awakening that I really learned how to unmask

Just a little bit about human Elizabeth, I grew up in the city, in a really diverse area, and I’m Vietnamese, so my parents are immigrants. They came here after the Vietnam War. And, yeah, that says a lot about my ancestry and being a child of immigrants, being the first generation to be living in the United States.

I grew up having quite a few friends. I wouldn’t say that I was unpopular, but I always felt weird. I always felt out of place, even before I knew I was a star seed, even before I really got into spirituality. Like being autistic,

I had trouble reading social cues. And in the moment, I didn’t realize that. It wasn’t until I realized that I was autistic that I kind of looked back on my memories and realized all those moments where I really could have been more aware of the social situation that I was in and how I was impacting the people around me with how I was interacting with them, and I was always quite intuitive, so I always felt the energy. I just couldn’t really understand what they meant. Like, I would feel awkward. But what did this awkward feeling mean? And how do I bring it into this state of peace? Because I mostly just accepted that I was anxious and awkward and it was just normal to be uncomfortable all the time. But that is not the case.

And even now I’m 26 years old and I still have trouble in social situations, but only when I am interacting with people who don’t know what I’m talking about. Because these days I want to talk about aliens, I want to talk about spirituality, I want to talk about disclosure, I want to talk about how fucked up the world is and all these things that were lied to about and what the truth really is. But that is not like it’s not a casual thing to talk about. Like, people get scared when you tell them that the world is controlled by the Illuminati. You know, like, no one really wants to talk about that. And that to me, means that I really haven’t found my soul family.

I probably have one friend who I can really be myself with, and I don’t feel awkward at all. I don’t trip up over my words as much, and I can express everything that I’m thinking and feeling and still feel very accepted. But yeah, I want to talk about this because I hung out with my friend, a different friend, yesterday. I hung out with a really good friend yesterday. Her name is Victoria and we went to the same high school and in college we became roommates. And she’s a wonderful person. I love her very much. She’s very open and understanding and empathetic, and she isn’t really into the star seed stuff, but she listens to me and tries to understand and does understand a lot of the things I share with her.

And while I was hanging out with her yesterday, a lot of feelings came up for me around how I sound crazy when I talk about these things. I sound ridiculous. I sound like a total fool when I’m like, hey, there’s a Galactic High Council that oversees the evolution of human beings and they communicate with us, and some people are more tapped into them than others, and so they deliver certain messages that the human collective needs to hear. And technically they’re aliens, but they’re not really because they are part of us. And technically we’re all aliens because we’re all born from source and we just incarnate onto different planets and stuff. And when I say these things, it’s weird, especially if you’re walking through the park. You walk through the park together and there are so many people around us, and I’m like, These human beings, if they heard what I was saying, they would burn me at the stake.

I feel really inspired to really tap into these thoughts and these feelings that I am experiencing right now because I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way. And it’s very human. Like, my higher self is very much like, just be yourself. Just say what you feel and think. Like, it’s so easy. Like, just stop masking. But if I was truly myself around people who weren’t tapped in, who don’t even have their fourth dimensional DNA activated, who are very 3D and believe what they see and hear and are very programmed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone, but just that there’s a difference in frequency and conscious understanding of reality.

And it’s like, I don’t want to trigger people. I don’t want to scare them by telling them that we are living in a reality where there are two negative ET species mainly that are fighting for dominion over the universe because no one wants to hear that. If you’re willing to listen to me. Then of course. If you’re willing to give me some time to really explain everything and explain what this is. And then how we actually come about. Like bringing it into balance and how we are meant to hold down the frequency of love and how we do that. Practically speaking. Then that would make me really happy and it would be really productive and consciousness expanding. But not many people are even willing to sit down and listen to all of that, especially because it goes against mainstream belief. Like, even though right now it is becoming more I hope it’s becoming more mainstream, like awakening and the existence of aliens and stuff. There’s so many government documents talking about UFOs and aliens, and they’re very much real, but people don’t really know the extent of it. There are people who know aliens are real, and there are people who understand who the aliens are and what they’re doing and that they’re negative and positive aliens. And this reality is pretty much a multi dimensional playground for all of us to express our free will.

Again, it’s just weird. It’s awkward. And I’m still learning how to unmask myself so that I can share these things when the time is appropriate. But the time is often not always. It’s not often appropriate with people who are in The Matrix, who are tapped into The Matrix and what The Matrix has to offer, which is just trying to survive and pay bills and stuff like that and not really exploring the multi dimensionality of our existence and tapping into the higher realms to receive wisdom from our higher selves or from our galactic family. Because most of us, I think all of us, I would say all of us have a galactic family. We have family in the higher realms from other planets who assist us because they are so much more aware of the Divine plan. And we need signs and messages to continue walking our highest path or the path that we originally wrote for ourselves before we came down here to incarnate into human bodies. Most people don’t consciously have a practice of communicating with higher dimensional beings. That’s not to say that they don’t receive messages, they do, they’re just not aware that, like, where it’s coming from.

Most people call it intuition or a gut feeling. Angel numbers are becoming more mainstream, which is pretty cool. But again, there’s like a new Age cap. Like, people get into spirituality, but they don’t continue asking questions to really dig deeper. And so they get stuck at like, angel numbers and manifestation, but they’re not actually understanding the spiritual science, the psychic science behind manifestation and what that really means. They’re trying to get a bigger house or a nicer car or like, trying to manifest their soulmate. It’s cool. Everyone’s allowed to practice their free will, but oftentimes we don’t actually want the things that we think we want.

That’s why it’s so important for us to be tapped into our soul and our hearts truest desires, because from there, where a manifestation becomes successful. So even if there’s a cap, though, I think this is actually a really good thing. Like, even though there’s a cap, if people are willing to move past that, there are still so many resources for them to do that. It’s just a matter of free will and everyone is on their own path. And I think that’s beautiful because even if there’s like a New Age agenda of keeping people from evolving further beyond the surface level stuff, it’s one step at a time, right? And if people are learning slowly, they’re learning. And I embrace that as progress, even if it’s slow progress.

I’m not going to judge people for choosing to stay at a certain level. As long as their intentions are peer and they are committed to improving themselves and making this a better world. Everyone has their way of connecting to their magic, whatever that looks like at whatever level that is for them. When they’re ready to move past that. Then they will be guided to I just believe that everyone. All of us. Every single human being on this planet who chooses love is going to be supported in doing that. Is going to be supported in moving past the Matrix and moving beyond what they tell us is reality. Which is work. Survive. Make money. Entertain yourself with TV and games and stuff. Which I think the point of being human is to integrate both the spiritual stuff.

The 3D right now, so for me, I love watching shows, I love watching anime and playing my video games. That’s what I do. I am Earthside Chillin’. I do those things for fun and I find great comfort and joy in the 3D pleasures on this planet. But this is in balance with my spiritual practice of meditation, of yoga, of being present, of communicating with the other side and holding down the love while I do all of these things. This is the art of being multi dimensional. So yeah, I went off on a little rant there.

I’m going to come back full circle now to what I was talking about earlier. If I could speak like this to people who are, you know, quote unquote, 3D, then I would be quite satisfied with myself. But these feelings of awkwardness, of anxiety, of being afraid to trigger people, that is not of love, that is fear. I’m afraid and I am willing to admit that because it’s very real to me. It’s very human. And I am so willing and open to evolving through these really difficult feelings. I think I’m lucky enough that I am very much into 3D stuff that a lot of other people are into. So I can hold conversations about those things.

But I’m having all these voices in my head wanting to really explore more deeply our human experience and sharing what’s coming through for me. I enjoy talking about anime, for example. But the thing about the culture of anime is that there’s a lot of fan service and there’s a lot of pedophilia in a lot of their content. And this programs young minds into believing that this is okay, that this is normal. And it’s definitely not. We have a huge pedophilia problem in this world. On this planet there’s human trafficking. But if the conversation goes from anime to human trafficking, like that makes people uncomfortable just being honest. People want to enjoy their illusion. People don’t like the truth, but who else is going to say it? From what I understand, to be the process of evolution on this planet is to bring light to the darkness so that we can be aware of what is really going on here. And from there we can start to make decisions from a place of what we actually want to be of this world. There are plenty unlimited choices, which means that we can take practical action every single day to not perpetuate the suffering, to not perpetuate the negative agendas that lower the planet’s vibration.

For example. We can stop consuming content that perpetuate the normalcy of pedophilia. We can stop consuming content and giving money to people and companies that create programming media that makes you believe that it’s okay or that it’s normal that this world is full of violence. And then there’s sexuality and the perversion of the sacredness and holiness of what sexuality actually stands for. Sexual energy is creative energy. The way that media portrays sex is pretty toxic and it’s pretty extreme. So there’s the side of it where it’s super casual. It’s totally normal to have one night stands and to do it with anybody and everybody when the act of sexual intercourse is an exchange of sacred energy and it really affects your energy, body which impacts things like your ability to manifest. It impacts the purity of your chakra system. If you’re not careful, if you’re not consciously protecting yourself from certain energies that you can easily expose yourself to through sexual intercourse. Or on the other side of it, sex is considered gross or wrong or demonic. And these are just two sides of very extreme polarities, and they’re both not true to our essential nature.

As creator beings, we’re not taught to honor our sexuality, to honor our ability to create. As a collective, we are not fully aware of the magic that we hold within our own bodies to really impact our external environment through intention, through effort, through imagination. And this all ties into our life force energy, which is equal to our sexual and creative energy. This is the energy that courses through all of us and animates our bodies. But that’s not what we’re taught in school. Not even a little bit. There’s just so much I could talk about, and I choose not to with people because no one wants to hear it. Candidly speaking, this makes me part of the problem. I’m not going to lie. Like, if you’re aware of these things but you don’t want to speak on it out of fear, then that’s just an act of perpetuation.

So I’m calling myself out right now. Well, I suppose that this is why I’m here doing this. The people around me might not care in my physical reality, no one’s open to hearing and learning about these things that I’m really passionate about. But that’s okay because we live in a beautiful, modern world of technology. I’m able to reach people across the world, across the globe, through this amazing creation, this interwoven world called the Internet. It connects all of us. It is its own dimension. It’s like the physical astral where we can just put whatever we want out here and everyone else has access to it. How beautiful is that? That’s fucking awesome. So this really speaks on our collective reality and how what we put out is there for everyone. And I was talking about toxic content. And when we consume that content, then we perpetuate that kind of energy in the world. Well, there’s also high vibrational, mind expanding, truth exposing educational content out there that good people are creating for the highest intentions, for the good of the collective. And we have the option, we have the free will to choose what we give our attention to, what we give our energy to, what we give our money to.

Whatever we focus on, we give more life to. Because we, again, our creator beings. What we focus on grows. Okay, let’s come back around. I feel like I was kind of all over the place. I got a little passionate here and there. Sorry if the mic got loud at random parts. These are just the things I really care about, and I’m just really excited to share it. But yeah, let’s refocus on the whole point of this episode. Being human, being a star seed alien among three dimensional reality with other three dimensional beings.

I don’t want to keep calling it awkward. I don’t think that it should be awkward. I think we can embrace the awkwardness and the anxiety and the discomfort as a part of the experience, but allowing those feelings to propel us into a state of total confidence in who we are, allowing ourselves to evolve. It’s funny, because after I hung out with my friend, after I left her apartment, I put on my earbuds, I blasted some music, and I skipped all the way through downtown, like, bouncing and dancing and lip syncing and stimming, and it was the best time I had all day. But why is that? Why is it that when I’m alone, that’s the only time I can feel like I’m free to be myself? Because it really shouldn’t be that way. I should be able to embrace my being anywhere I am around anyone that I am with.

But this is what I’m working towards, and this is the reality that I’m holding down for myself and everyone in this world to really own themselves, to love themselves enough to transmute the awkwardness, the anxiety. “Oh, my God. They think I’m crazy.” **** that!

They actually can’t burn us up the stake, you guys. They can’t hang us. We have these subconscious memories of being persecuted, killed for being ourselves in the past when we would share our truth and it would go against the gospel or whatever. But we live now in a time where we are free, where we can practice any religion we choose to practice, where we can share our beliefs and not be persecuted for it.

And it’s not just that, though. It goes beyond our beliefs. It goes through and deep into our identity and being okay with expressing who we actually are. We don’t need to mask. We don’t need to put up a front and pretend that we are someone else to fit in. We have to be brave. We have to be courageous. It is a brave thing in this world to know who you are and to act from that place.

So we’re out here. We’re doing it. I’m going to close this up because I want to keep these podcasts pretty short, short, sweet, to the point. I think I’ve said everything that I’ve really wanted to say for this. So if you listened to this whole thing, thank you so much. I really appreciate you. Because if you’re here, then that means that I’m really not alone, that I am being received. And that is the best feeling in the world to be yourself and to be heard. I want that for everyone. So I’m sending my greatest gratitude. I’m wishing you so much love, so much abundance.

I’ll be back next week with whatever comes up. I want to let all of my dimensions come through to express herself. So we don’t know what’s coming next for our next conversation, but we know it’s going to be good.

Yeah. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Night, evening, morning, wherever you are. And I’ll see you again soon. Bye.

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