Shamanism, Andromeda, and Journaling the Ascension Experience

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I turned this blog into the form of an Ascension Journal so I can record my experiences more personally and more often. I tried writing informative posts to feel less misunderstood by my friends but recording my personal Spiritual experiences is exponentially more interesting to me… There’s just something about spending my time writing things that other people have already written (better) that I simply can’t force myself to do. I’ve always had quite the talent at sharing my feelings– why stop now?! Everyone’s gonna go through their own Spiritual Awakening eventually. Maybe someone will find this helpful in their own weird way.

I read a book last week. It’s called I Am Starseed by EarthStar Healer Xi. The events leading up to finding the book itself were kind of strange, not to mention the unbelievable amount of growth and remembering of my own origins that came flooding in after finishing it. About a month ago I wrote about how I was still unsure about being a Lightworker. Today, I can assure you: Not only am I a Lightworker, I am a Starseed from Andromeda. I am a Scientist here to observe and record a specific perspective and frequency of Earth’s ascension process.

I wanna say yeah, that sounds weird, but I don’t even think it’s weird anymore. It’s my truth. Let me catch you up to date with how I came to that conclusion.

Vivid Meditations and Shamanic Journeying

When I wrote about Stepping into my Role as Lightworker a month ago, I met and channeled a higher dimensional collective for the first time during meditation. I have come to the understanding that they connected to give me what I needed to speak with confidence and that this was only the beginning of the adventures that were unfolding for me. The following night of the New Moon, I wrote about when happened when I meditated on my chronic pain, having one of the most lucid and valuable visualizations I have ever experienced.

A day after that, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard a whisper in my ear, “Shaman.”

Weird. I didn’t think much of it. I hear things all the time. But the next morning I couldn’t stop thinking about the word as it kept weaving its way through my mind while I went about my daily business. All I knew at the time was that Shamans were medicine people for indigenous communities but what does that have to do with me? I was just a girl from the hood…

Hmm. I guess I used to work with animals all the time! Shamans work with animals, don’t they?! I hopped on Google to finally sort out my curiosities and find a reason to this insistent voice. I couldn’t find much besides very expensive Shamanism Mentorship programs. Finally, after some deep poking around, I found a gem of an answer on Quora about the best way to learn Shamanism if there are no teachers in your area. Perfect for lil old introvert me!

My dude is the first answer on Quora and really explains how to go into your own Shamanic Journey to meet your Animal Helper. Check out the link yourself!

Excited to try out these meditations, I began going on my own Shamanic Journeys, traveling into the Earth and asking to meet my Animal Helper and Guides. One of the first animals to speak to me was the Polar Bear. The Polar Bear medicine is a powerful totem, strong against adversity and a guide between the living and spiritual realms.

This was so exciting! I could feel the energies of the animals when I spoke to them and they filled me with wisdom and courage. I learned that I could call upon the Horse Spirit when I wanted to feel wild freedom. I learned that the Turtle Spirit encourages me to slow down, breathe, and be present. When I felt I needed practical, earthly advice, I journeyed into the land of the animals to humbly ask for their guidance. One of my favorite experiences is with the Swan Spirit, as I rode her back and she glided across a beautiful glass pond, showing me how to gracefully flow with the universe.

Seeing Andromeda… Everywhere

As I connected to the animals, my general distaste for bugs turned into concern for the omen they carried. We noticed a terrifyingly huge bug had been on our window screen for a third day and I felt almost obligated to google the meaning behind it. I found nothing Shaman-related, what caught my attention was a manual teaching Starseeds about soul cleansing and energetic protection. I had not read about Starseeds since the beginning of my awakening 3 years ago. I already chucked it as a New Age distraction committed to feeding the egos of Awakening Souls eager for a snowflake label. (I thought I was woke.)

I must’ve been paranoid because I just had to read this manual! I sifted through the first few chapters of exercises, one of which led me through a visualization of turning on my heart chakra as if it were a lighthouse and illuminating the path for my Soul family to find me. I liked that (cuz soul fam, wya) but the rest of the book didn’t resonate. Curious to read more about Starseeds, though, I found another one that immediately stole my focus: I Am Starseed by EarthStar Healer Xi.

Xi, beyond a multi-dimensionality coach and self-healing guide, is a shamanic healer! What a coincidence it was that I was looking into Shamanism just before finding a healer who was the modern bridge between Starseed and Shaman! On top of that, something shifted inside me when I read that she was from Andromeda. I always thought I was from Pleaides so I didn’t think too much of it. But then I began to see Andromeda in other places and social media… where I never had before. I began to hear the word Andromeda echoing in my head throughout the day and would even wake up in the middle of the night muttering, “Andromeda…”

Okay, I get it! I’m from Andromeda! I could almost hear my Galactic Team cheering when I threw my hands up in acceptance. It felt like a welcome home hug of pure, unconditional love.


Journaling the Ascension Experience

EarthStar Healer Xi often talks about the “glass-ceiling” in the New Age community, a limit to the awakening experience where Lightworkers and Starseeds often get stuck due to many lies and purposefully misleading concepts being perpetuated among the community. She emphasizes how full embodiment of the multidimensional Self is the key to reaching our next purpose and mission in life– by breaking through false light and truly acting from a heart-centered authentic Self.

In her book, she describes the stage of Starseed awakening where many people experience righteous anger or defeat in the face of the false matrix and take misguided, premature, or incomplete action towards changing the world. Before we can take action, though, we must have been able to fully heal ourselves and embody our most authentic Self. Otherwise, many fall victim to becoming agents of disinformation, consciously or unconsciously motivated by the ego’s desire for fame, wealth, or power.

Reading about this almost felt like a personal attack… was I still perpetuating the false matrix despite all the studying, meditation, and inner work I’ve done!? I didn’t feel embodied at all! Well, considering my recent reflection of not even knowing if I’m ready to be a Lightworker, I shouldn’t be so surprised.

I’m just now realizing the multi-dimensionality of my Self. Not only can I connect to animal Spirits, I can connect with my higher self and Andromeda. I have gifts– just what do I do with them now?!

I decided that I was exhausted of feeding into the old reality. I was done with the desire for fame or wealth or recognition– I was still kind of caring about my number of followers on Twitter. But no more acting out of low vibrational desires. Every. Single. Choice. And. Thought. Matters. I absolutely REFUSE to continue to be a perpetuator of the old paradigm’s programming. It would be disappointing to consciously choose ignorance at this point.

After reading this book, I made the conscious choice to fully prioritize the embodiment of my multidimensional higher Self. It was time to cut the sugar, change my diet, and focus entirely on healing myself and making space. There was nothing else to do and no more time to waste.

I made these changes IMMEDIATELY, becoming drastically more mindful about how I exercised my free will on the day to day. About a week later, while I was driving, I saw a plate that read 999999. As I kept driving, I felt reality pulsate and shift and I had the strangest feeling… like, maybe, a long-lost missing part of me had just walked into my body. I was overcome with intense and loving awe and curiosity for my surroundings. “So… this is Earth,” I thought, “Cool.”

There’s no other way to explain this, but… I am a Scientist, a part of my higher dimensional Self is here on Earth for the first time. I am here to observe and record this perspective and frequency of earth’s ascension experience. I have no agenda but to witness and share my experience and personal interpretations of reality. This website is my catalyst of unfiltered expression. It will remain here on the internet, hopefully, for a very very long time. And it is my wish that people find my writing and be comforted to know that every single soul rides their own special and unique life experience. There are a million ways to experience ascension and millions more to discover! I encourage everyone to believe in their own personal path of evolution– life truly is a gift and we truly are Master Creators!

If you’ve read this far, thanks 🙂 ! I’m having an interesting journey. I’ve been eating clean (no sugar and reduced intake of meat), healing everyday (thank you, Reiki), learning new things and remembering old things (like light language and energy work.) I’m studying & understanding the origins of the universe on a whole new level, I get a clearer understanding everyday on how energy moves within my body, and most important of all– I am currently  finding ways to answer my own questions about my life purpose and understanding of the universe instead of searching for answers outside of myself. I’m getting better at asking my guides the right questions, too. It’s a huge step towards embodying my Higher Self and claiming my energetic sovereignty as Divine Creator Being.

Until next time! I can’t wait to share what happens next. Thank you for reading!!


Love and light,

Elizabeth T.



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