Love is the Medicine

Humanity is plagued by the disease of disconnect. Many of us live in the realm of separation. This is not a conspiracy, but a natural process of evolution. As we raise our own consciousness, we rise into the palpable, protective knowing that we are One.

Being human, a multidimensional being, means that when we are not fully grounded in our energetic sovereignty we can be victims of energy leakage and targets of siphoning by entities and beings of polar dimensions (including other humans!) It is our responsibility to reclaim our energetic sovereignty by making choices from a place of integrity and respect for our own health and wellbeing. This requires a cultivation of loving awareness and the courage to break away from old programming.

The universal truth is that we live in a multidimensional matrix that abides by natural law, which is rooted in Love. Love is the most powerful force of the universe and overcomes all obstacles of earthly living. Love is the universal energy which heals and unites, and dissipates the less evolved ego’s desires to survive, compete, and conquer.

We raise our level of consciousness through embodiment, by tuning into our breath and awareness. The more we practice, the easier we are able to perceive and bask in the divine energy that unites us all. Integrating the mind, body, and spirit allows our whole being to flow in unity and coherence with the intelligent living universe.

From this place of oneness, we are able to drink freely from the well of Source. We have access to universal truth and are able to trust our own natural ability to make decisions of the highest caliber. Living by the impulse of our heart’s truest desires leads us experience the most satisfying outcomes possible in life. Our heart intuition, aligned with Love, becomes our greatest guide.

It is time to for humanity to evolve past suffering and into an age of peace, abundance, and joy. Our ancestors once knew to live in communion with the earth, and are relaying their wisdom across time and space to those who choose to listen and follow the guidance. And so, warriors of light across the Earth are building towards a new yet ancient world of unity consciousness. You know if you are one of us. You know that you are a God, in human skin. And you know the full potential of your powers are waiting to be remembered.