Sacred Union with Self

Humanity is having a Sacred Marriage. The Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine are coming to union within each of us. As we clear the distortions and heal the wounds of the Sacred Masculine, we discover how, in his authentic light and purity, he manifests.

The healed Sacred Masculine is bold and compassionate. He is grounded, confident, and creative. He is a natural leader who knows when and how to take charge when he is called to. The healed Masculine protects the people he loves and honors the Divine Feminine in her entire essence by trusting her judgment, supporting her way of thinking, and creating a safe environment for her to be her true self.

The returning Feminine Christ teachings are reminding us how productive, powerful, and necessary it is to be nurturing, kind, and receptive in this world. The healed Divine Feminine is vulnerable and empathic. She asks for what she needs and possesses strong and healthy boundaries. She flows through life with little effort by surrendering to and trusting her own intuition. She exudes a natural beauty that attracts abundance, allowing her to gracefully manifest and create her desires.

The Feminine nurtures the people she loves. She honors the Masculine by being empathetic to his needs, emotionally supporting him, and trusting his decision-making. The Divine Feminine, so greatly suppressed by society for thousands of years, is now rising and finding her rightful throne within all of us.

For a us to awaken to our full creative potential, these divine energies must be healed and integrated within our individual energy field, which well then manifest within the collective. The Divine Masculine within is learning to completely trust, respect, and honor the Divine Feminine within, and vice versa. Together, these aspects create wholeness and true balance.

At this time, the collective wounds and shadows of both the Masculine and Feminine run deep and tender. It is our personal responsibility to do the work to heal ourselves on an individual level, so that it may oscillate into the collective consciousness field. As we re-code distorted geometry within our own DNA to align with the original Source-intended blueprint, waves of this quantum healing pulsate into our ancestral line and the collective psyche. It is through this universal quantum field of consciousness that we are energetically connected as One.

Awakening souls all over the world are learning to honor, cultivate, and flow with the natural Feminine and Masculine energies inherent to our being in order to authentically co-create with Source consciousness and serve their soul’s highest purpose. Like the ocean tide’s push and pull, like the contraction and expansion of our lungs, we are learning the balance between give and take, rest and act, yin and yang. To flow with the true Source of Life and Original Creation is to live in eternal, loving, reciprocity: a majestic balancing act of the unconditional, loving practice between action and surrender.