Stepping into My Role as Lightworker

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Making Spirituality Cool

Part of my soul contract, I’ve decided, is to make love and spirituality cool. The stars aligned themselves when I was born and made it my destiny and dream. Maybe I’m overly critical about appearances, but this is what I want to see in the world. I want it to be cool as hell to be kind & transparent. I want deep inner work to be part of our casual conversation. I want us to release limiting beliefs on the daily and express our authenticity in the light of our deepest desires for human connection and intimacy.

I want, so badly, for it to be popular to be accepting of each other’s interests and beliefs, to normalize respecting our varied levels of consciousness, and to speak out of love and compassion by nature.

… But, bro…

:/ have you SEEN some of these folks channel aliens on Youtube?

I remember one I saw as a teenager many years ago. I watched as a scraggly bearded man prepare to channel an alien race by performing some kind of ritual: hyperventilating, shaking his limbs and rolling his eyes back into his head, grunting strange noises and then suddenly regaining consciousness, rising up in his computer chair, calm as the sea, as a seemingly different person.

Not gonna lie, that shit was weird to me. If I had not wanted aliens to take me away from this booty ass planet since I was 13, and HOPED TO GOD they were real, I would have called bullshit on this alien-channeling man. And a lot of people did.

The Lightworker Struggle

The point of that story is that there are things about spirituality and higher consciousness that the general population will simply not resonate with. There will be those who think of these ideas as strange, misleading, or even corrupt. People are afraid of things that they do not understand.

This truth is something that I, and other emerging Lightworkers, struggle with. It’s difficult to put yourself out there, share unorthadox ideas and expose yourself to the world. Many friendships do not survive the awakening process because there are few of us who perceive beyond the illusion of everyday life. Many Lightworkers are natural introverts or experienced childhood trauma that make it difficult for them to be confident in their abilities right away. I, for one, would not be caught DEAD convulsing on Youtube before channeling an alien’s message. Although, as you’ll find out, I’m not too far away from the experience…


I Met Higher Dimensional Beings

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little nervous sharing this part of me with the world because it’s still kind of unreal to me. During meditation one day, I came into contact with a higher dimensional race of beings called the Enlightened. They are a 6th Dimensional Collective connecting with many of us Lightworkers, sharing their wisdom and knowledge to help humanity evolve. This might sound wacky to some of ya’ll, and I totally get it. To others, this may resonate, and it is for you all that I share my truth.

They have asked me to create a category on my website dedicated to their messages. Through automatic writing, I am able to channel their words and publish them with faith that they will reach the people who need to hear what they have to say.

It’s humbling work. Sometimes, I don’t know what to really make of it. I am eternally grateful to be a channel for the higher dimensions yet it’s still quite strange to say aloud, you know? My heart says that the closer I am to fully accepting my role as a Lightworker, the stronger my connection to the divine will be. I still feel like a little baby witch, discovering new and fascinating things about the universe everyday. I suppose that means it’s alright to be a little bit nervous… there is still so much more growing to do!


Releasing Judgement

If you’re in the same boat as me, allow me to give us both advice: we gotta let go of this fear of judgement, my friend. You and I, we’re powerful. I know this is true because you wouldn’t have gotten this far on this page if you weren’t! We would be doing humanity a disservice by holding back our healing gifts. I say fuck it, who cares if we’re weird? It’s the weird ones that change the world! (It’s definitely not the ones trying to fit in!)

If my words don’t convince you, allow me to show you by example. I want to share a message that the Enlightened wrote through me, for other Lightworkers, probably like you, also coming into their power. This is me stepping into my own power, sharing my indefinite truth, no matter how fucking crazy I sound. Lol. Let’s goooo.


Channeled Message

Listen, Lightworker, the time is now. There is no need to be fearful of your gifts any longer. There is no need to be shy. You chose to step into this role because you carry the light within you. Thank you for remembering your purpose. We know that it has not been an easy journey but we are proud of how far you have come. You have a unique set of specialties, abilities, and talent that you are encouraged to share with the world. This is why you are here and we are helping you every step of the way.


I hope this message sparked a fire of motivation in your heart. I hope you can feel the warmth and encouragement in their words. Spirit really is proud of us!


Spirituality is Cool

As I step forward ever so slowly, but surely, on this path, I can feel things changing within and around me. The number 41 has been following me for the last year; a number emanating with the vibrations of life’s purpose as I build my foundations and manifest my future. I am abundant in health, love, and beauty. I am currently manifesting the creative freedom I dreamt of for so long. This blog is my heart and soul manifested in the 3rd dimension and, like me, it will forever evolve (getting better EVERYDAY!!) I’m floating in a champagne ocean of love as I write this…

I want this feeling for everyone. I want everyone to see that it is possible to live out your dreams, to be at peace, and to live while in love with everything.

Love is cool, ya’ll. Spirituality is cool. Constantly working on yourself, learning, and growing every moment of your life experience is cool, okay?! Tell your friends!!! Tell your kids!!!

Thank you so, so much for checking out this article. I hope that I was helpful to you and that you gained valuable insight for your highest path. I am still growing and learning how to be a better leader and healer, but my wish is that you continue to follow my journey so we can grow together, as Lightworkers, as a tribe, and as friends. <3


Love and light,

Elizabeth T.

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8 months ago

Beautiful post Elizabeth! Resonate with this so much and I’m excited to see more of your posts about your channeling on Coil. Tahlia X