The 2020 Gift of 20/20 Vision

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Woah… 2020 was a wild ride. Yet, it marks the very beginning of our long-awaited, destined Golden Age.

Do you feel it? There’s a difference in the air. Even the calcified pineal gland can tell that this isn’t the same world it once was. And that it will never be the same again.

We did it. We crossed into the New Earth collective timeline. Light is pouring through the crystalline grid of Mama Earth and exposing all that never served our/her Highest Good. We are seaing the Truth of the dark forces at play, as the gift of 2020 is 20/20 vision. With this, we are taking our power back. We are claiming sovereignty and rejecting all that does not align with unity, integrity, and Love. This is a new era of Light!

Bless up, babies. We can breathe now. We can simply surrender. There is time to rest and allow the energies to wash over us as a collective, to infuse us with healing high vibrations that remind us of our power and love. A lot of work, in all the multi-dimensional realms, has been performed for humanity to be the catalyst of healing across the cosmos, for all of Life and creation. This was not a light feat!

Allow duality to fall away, leaving Oneness and unity in its wake. We are free and safe to heal and be our authentic, sovereign Selves.

I imagine… Blessings of abundance in all its forms will soon fall from the sky, or at least, it’ll definitely feel like it! I’m talking free money, good health, joyous relationships, mental and emotional clarity, psychic gifts, and structural transformation within our government, healthcare, economy, and educational systems.

We’re only going up from here, my loves. We are taking our world back and returning to her organic state of bliss and Love. This is SO EXCITING!!!!

My Galactic Mission on Nu Earth

You probably don’t know this about me but I tried to be a video game streamer when I lost my job back in March. But I still wasn’t clear about where, why, and who I was… This realization led me to break my Self free from the New Age glass ceiling and I realized that I wasn’t integrated with my Higher Self at ALL. There was no time to waste! I dropped everything and strictly prioritized, for 5 straight months, the full integration of my Higher Self and as I discovered them, Galactic Selves too.

I thought my mission was crystal clear when I wrote my last post but I had no idea. Tonight, I connected with the aspect of my Self who is a respected Native American Shaman in a past Now timeline. He spoke to me in the deepest voice and shared:

“I saw this would happen when I was a Shaman, that I would be helping to usher in the New Age when the time of Darkness was over. I did not see everything because it had not happened yet, but I was aware my experience as a Shaman is an integral part of this destiny– I was to master magic and healing here, on Earth.ย 

Earth is different now then when I was Shaman, but this is why you are here, Elizabeth. You understand modern technology and popular culture. I understand quantum healing. Do what you will with these gifts. We are together.”

Bruh… LOL.

Everything. Makes. Sense. My Galactic mission, as an integrated being on Nu Earth is to transmit my healing frequencies to anyone who is attracted to my energy. And what other way to do that than via stream?! And ya’ll… I can still play games too!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Synthesis. All the puzzle pieces coming together seamlessly and beautifully. I am so honored and delighted! Passion and purpose areย  aligning. <3

Thank you, 2020, for helping us sea.

Truly, a blessing ๐Ÿ™‚


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