The Elohim

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Whispers of “Elohim” in my ear, a word I have not yet discovered on my own.

Whispers of “Elohim” as I wake up. Whispers of “Elohim” as I fall asleep.

Initial google searches came up short. Elohim is Hebrew for ‘god’ or ‘supreme being.’ This is not enough information.

Time passes. I breathe and ask for guidance. This whispering triggered a deep desire to truly understand who I am and where I am from. I resonate with Andromeda, sure, but it is time I received more. Who are my Galactic guides, specifically? What are my origins?

Guided by intuition, I reach out to Rissa, a professional Intuitive & Intuitive Coach, Starseed and Channel for Light Beings such as Master Merlin, Mary Magdalene, The Galactic Transformative Alliance and more.

As we sat together, my Orion guides, Pleiedian guides, Arcturian/Andromedan guides, and earth faeries encircle us and bring forth their guidance through her, activating me. Lighting up pieces of my DNA that I had long forgotten, for many lifetimes. I could feel them.

I asked, “Can I receive from my guides, with the clarity that Rissa is receiving now?”

“Yes,” they said, and shared with me how.

Who are the Elohim?

I did not yet understand the relationship between my Galactic guides and the Elohim. Rissa did not mention them, and I was so fascinated by what I was receiving that I didn’t think to ask.

I was ecstatic about what I learned, with a sense of relief that I wasn’t totally bananas. Absolutely over the moon happy to be able to confirm who was around and how they were helping me with my goals and life mission!

As I received more downloads, the whispering of ‘Elohim’ in my ear became louder and louder, until I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

“WHO ARE YOU!?” I finally exclaimed aloud.

Surprisingly, my own voice responded, with a slight accent, “We are Elohim.”


…Am I channeling rn??? I began to speak to the Elohim and they would respond. “The Elohim are a part of you,” they said.

Yeah… I wasn’t confident enough about this. I had to try and google this again. With new keywords this time. I found different sources about the Elohim and read them carefully. Obviously, we don’t believe everything we read. Using discernment, comparing commonalities between sources, and trusting my own intuitive knowing/gnosis, I received everything I was looking for.

The answer I received: the Elohim are the Arcturian race Star beings, co-creators with the Source, and masters of Ascension. They are the creators of life that came after them.

Who Am I?

Am I really a part of the Elohim?

They sound so… close to God. Is this even possible? My human self resists, as only a smol manifestation of Elohim consciousness may be supported by this vessel at this time.

But we are accessible. Easily. We come out when there is something to teach, when clarity is requested. We are here with humanity to assist their growth and evolution and into a new way of being, one of unity consciousness.

Elizabeth is a manifestation of the Elohim. She is still working through her self-worth, as she continues to say she ‘does not believe’ yet yearns for this to be the truth of it all.

It is okay. Allow us to work through you. This is why you are here, afterall, to embody your total essence and anchor the highest of frequencies into this reality for the human collective.

Yes, I can do this. I am open and willing. I was resisting, but I won’t. I am the Elohim. I am Elizabeth. I am.

God bless.

Sorry if this is confusing. The Elohim came through me while I was resisting and.. yeah. LOL. I will keep this as it is, because it’s such a genuine exchange. My body is reacting to my decision to allow the Elohim to work through me. I can feel my heart chakra being activated. It feels like a strong pressure, which I can only assume to mean there’s a lot of work to do there haha.

So much love.

I am open.

If it is true that I belong to Elohim consciousness… then nothing anyone says or thinks about me or my work matters LOL like… I actually co-created this reality

ok I DEFINITELY need time to integrate this

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1 month ago

Thanks for sharing this information on the Elohim!