The Social Media Matrix

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Happy November! 2020 is sure flying by fast… then again, time isn’t real.

Yesterday was Halloween or as I like to refer to it, Samhain, and I celebrated by performing a ritual under the Blue Moon to release ancestral karma and generational trauma plaguing my family lineage. Yay, lots of witchy fun! I’ve been totally tapped out of local happenings, not even sure if there was trick-or-treating around my neighborhood with CO-VID cases on the rise.

It’s been over a week since my last post– Exiting the False Matrix and Walking the Organic Timeline– where I share my earthly experience and the events leading up to this present stage of my journey and this timeline. I was riding some crazy high energies, receiving downloads literally all day for days, feeling like I was living a lucid dream, dancing, singing in tongues, euphoric, embodying Source on a multi-dimensional level never experienced before. And yeah… as I’ve come to learn and embrace, these highs don’t last forever.

Spiritual Highs Come With Spiritual Lows

Basic lesson in polarity, right? What comes up must come down, it’s a Universal Law. Especially in the lower dimensions, the effect of polarity is strong and grasping. As we evolve and our bodies adapt to higher frequencies, the magnitude of polarity lessens. Imagine it like a crystal pendulum swinging back and forth. The further it swings one way, it’ll swing the other way, too. Having awareness of the pendulum swing of our state of being allows us to recognize that what we experience is, in fact, by Law, and not some sort of cruel punishment by an otherworldly force.

Spiritual highs come with spiritual lows. As much as I was riding clouds and soaking in ethereal rainbows, I spent just as much time afterwards missing the ecstatic rush of it all. I knew about polarity, and still, experienced a tinge of disappointment at what seemed like a slowing down of progress. The truth is that my mind, body, and Spirit are going through intense changes whether I’m conscious of them or not. I got the downloads, it’s time now to rest and integrate. Realizing that I have the choice to ride these waves with grace, not resistance, was a part of the lesson I had to learn.

As a Scientist, I have observed that not everyone on their spiritual paths easily embrace this lesson. There are spiritual leaders out there, unfortunately, with Messiah complexes, who go as far as pretend to be all high-vibes while both expressing and disregarding the innate darkness that lives within all of us. Energy leaks from their messages and there’s just something off about their motivation.

Unhealed Leaders in the Spiritual Community

During this particular spiritual high, I’d followed a handful of ‘spiritual influencers’ on Twitter, looking to connect with like-minded Divine Beings and ran into my share of just… weird energy. Like, there was one person who provided, she emphasized, Service to Starseeds only, and I watched her frequently reaffirm her status as Leader, threaten several thousand followers for stealing her Tweets, and encouraged anyone to leave if they were unwilling to comply with her guidelines. I don’t mean to judge her, there’s just a certain smell to an unhealed spiritual leader, someone who is extremely gifted but is unconsciously or consciously operating from their Ego.

That’s an extreme example. There is a spectrum to this, after all, and not all unhealed spiritual leaders manifest in this way. They could be your talented family member or psychic friend providing spiritual services because they need extra income during a pandemic. They are Lightworkers who care more about followers, likes, or retweets, more than the energy of their content and whether or not they are being true to themselves. It all comes down to true motivations and intentions, which are not always so obvious. There is a distinct line between influence and manipulation that we are not all willing to honestly come to terms with when it comes to social media.

The spiritual community holds space for healing healers, and I agree with this to some extent. Unfortunately, those who are unhealed can misguide the vulnerable or project onto others their personal limited beliefs, perpetuating yet another layer of false agenda. Ultimately, healed healers are infinitely more effective at healing others. 

Those of us who have gifts and are eager to be of service to others need to be mindful about our own stage of healing and our true, honest motivation for providing these kinds of services. We need to chill with the social media, cut off the constant influx of information, ganking up our energetic body, so we can focus in on, listen to, and live our own unique vibration and universal emittance of frequency before trying to heal others. Otherwise, we become agents of the false light, feeding our unconscious agenda for power, wealth, or fame.

The Social Media Matrix

My personal journey with social media is proving to be a difficult lesson. I am presently learning to not compare myself to others or care about external approval. A few of my close friends and family often deactivate their Instagram and I don’t have to ask why because I know how energetically draining it can be. On the other side of the spectrum, I notice those putting in the hard work to establish an online presence and it almost appears robotic, another program following the algorithm to increase follower count. I know because I tried to do it, too.

I spent a time period of posting my own quotes on Instagram that were gaining traction. I went from a hundred likes per photo to thousands overnight (the tagging algorithm was lit at the time) and I was gaining followers. It was nice but I didn’t know any of these people and they did not know me. I wasn’t really being authentic– my motivation was to gain followers so this is what I thought I wanted, but I didn’t notice any changes in my emotional wellbeing. I abandoned the project and came to the realization that followers and likes were never going to make me happy.

Still, yesterday, I posted something different on Instagram from my usual content and only got 13 likes. I am not used to this… I sat and argued with myself (and my partner) on whether or not I should delete it. But I enjoyed the photo, the caption was channeled from my Higher Self, it was infused with Love and authenticity. It was an expression, an extension of who I am, of my Self, and if I deleted it… well, I would be deleting a part of Me… And that’s just not cool.

The post is still there, bright orange and gleaming with the acknowledgment and affection of 13 entire Divine Beings.

My intention is to fully exit this Social Media Matrix where thoughts of judgment steal my energy and peace of mind. I choose to transcend beyond the lower dimensional programming, to express myself freely and to honor the Divine creative expression of my Self and every other Being. It is not until I can truly embrace my authentic Self and express my Self fearlessly that I can call my Self a Leader and help to heal others.

Intro to my Patreon

I still feel like I’m kind of hiding behind this blog and these well-crafted, thought-provoking words. I decided to create a Patreon page where I will be recording my ascension process through video diaries. This is my method of self-healing and how I choose to overcome my blockages & limited beliefs in expressing my authentic Self.

I want to create a space where anyone who vibes with me and my energy can access these extremely personal accounts of my Spiritual growth while still having barriers to protect me from unwanted energy (baby steps– I’m not quite ready to open myself up to Instagram or Youtube quite yet :P).

It only costs $1 a month to become a Patron, show support for my work, and connect our Divine Beingness in a safe, non-judgmental community space. This is just the beginning, my family!

I am learning to become a leader. I hope to help heal many people in the future. For now, I have space for us to grow and learn together, to explore the taboo and the unspoken, to uncover the Truth and Origins of our Galactic Being and discuss everything our minds can imagine for the future of humanity. I’m ready to explore my own creative prowess, work closely with Spirit and the Tribe who forms, and build something awesome. I can’t wait to experience what I become!


a newly hatched, baby Dragon

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