This blog is a portal.

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Magic is so real, you guys. 

This Ascension Journal is a portal created from a pure desire to follow my highest path and fulfill my Galactic mission.

My hands are portals of Creation. Beams of light shoot out of my fingertips as I type.

All the intentions I have expressed throughout my journey on this website don’t just come true, but materialize almost immediately after publishing, and in a form that is perfect for my unique frequency of growth.

I want to say I am blessed like I am lucky, but my higher Self knows this work was intentional and required a great deal of (nearly obsessive) commitment.

And so, with my heart full, warm, and in awe of its own existence, I want to send out another intention.

I FULLY commit my Self to be in service to humanity and Mama Gaia. My vision is to be the best possible healer I can be for those who seek my assistance, with emphasis on being a guide for SELF-healing. I want to show up where I am needed, a cosmic vessel, led to where I must go.

I once again plan to cocoon my Self into solitude, to receive the downloads necessary to perform the work coming. My first healing homies (I’m still figuring out what I wanna call ‘clients’ lmfaooo) are flowing in my direction, the Galactics are telling me I am ready.

I am ready.

Thank you, I love you.

At times, I leave my website open and I simply send it my Love and appreciation. Grateful, Thankful for an outlet of creative expression, a co-creation in Service to both my Self and those who resonate with my work.

I want to take a moment.

To thank my readers.

My soul tribe.

Even if you never say a word to me,

I am infinitely grateful for your receiving of my energy.

Witness to this story, thank you for carrying a piece of my heart wherever you go.

We are divine reflections.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

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2 months ago

Love you ❤️

2 months ago

Oh, I love your writing so much!💜😌🤗🥰 Thank you ✨🙌