Using Astrology to Heal

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Ah, astrology. During this time of global transformation and collective confusion, more of us are wondering if there is a connection between the stars and what’s happening around the world. Since ancient times, people have looked to the sky for guidance. These systems of divination are making a comeback because folks are realizing that our experience of reality is affected by external, energetic forces. There’s simply too much evidence to ignore the energetic relationship between earth and other planets.

Astrology is a way in which we can relate the planets’ positions in the sky to what’s happening on earth at any given time. Each planet carries its own unique energy & influence, and their position determines how that energy is manifested on earth.

Astrology, for me, is a tool for awakening. What I’m sharing is how I used astrology to get through my grueling shadow work by breaking through my unconscious behavior and becoming more self-aware. Through studying my astrological signs and placements, I was able to understand myself on a deeper level, in a way that satisfied my craving for the hidden, mysterious truths. By getting to know myself, I reclaimed my power and took control of my life.

I’m not a big fan on using astrology to forecast future events on the individual level. Personally, I think it’s problematic because the future is subject to change. The future is not set in stone and it can cause a lot of unwarranted anxiety anticipating an uncertain future.

Astrology’s potential for healing and awakening lies in the fact that the Sun, Moon, and other planets have an influence on an individual’s personality and character.

Some believe that the planets’ positions play a role in determining a person’s destiny, but astrologers are aware that the power of free will is the dominant energy. In other words, the planets can influence you, but you are ultimately in control of your life and how it plays out.

How to Use Astrology to Heal Yourself

1. Calculate your birth chart

2. Study yourself

3. Make the unconscious, conscious

4. Reclaim your power

5. Take control

6. Co-create your reality

1. Calculate your birth chart

With today’s technology, algorithms can easily calculate & analyze your birth chart for you. You just need your time & place of birth. Here are a few trustworthy resources (I’m not affiliated with any of these links):


Cafe Astrology – This website is clean, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Perfect for beginners!

Astro Seek – This website is more suited for the experienced astrologer. It has several options for what kind of birth chart you want and shows it in a variety of layouts, which might be interesting.

Venus Group – This one is my absolute favorite. The website design is a bit outdated, but they have all kinds of reports including: The Child Report, Karmic Past Life, The Adult Report, Chinese Astrology, Chakra Healing and many more! Compatibility Reports, too, for ya’ll lovebirds. Full reports are accessed via donation and you can donate any amount you’d like, depending on how many full reports you want. The information is extremely detailed and totally worth it for a couple dollars, trust me.


The only iPhone app that is 100% free and analyzes your natal birth chart is TimePassages. If you recommend any other apps, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article!

2. Study yourself

This is a true testament of your commitment to self-improvement. You are studying how the planets affect your life and personality. Thankfully, the above websites/apps do most of the work for you by explaining in detail how each planets’ position at the time of your birth affects your personality. All you have to do is read, understand it, and genuinely reflect how it relates to your life.

Tbh, it’s a little tedious & time consuming for the average hooman. There are 10 planets, North nodes, your Ascendent & Midheaven, etc etc. It’s a lot of information and it can get confusing & overwhelming FAST. But for you! You got this. Take your time to absorb the information. Read your reports as often as you need to get a better understanding of how your life is influenced by the planets’ energies. Go on different websites and apps, play with compatibility reports, and you’ll find yourself wanting to dig deeper. It’s actually pretty fun, once you get into it!

There’s absolutely NO rush during this step. Please take your time. You’ll probably continue studying astrology anyway once you get a lil taste of that magic, especially as time passes and different aspects of planetary energy come into play in your life. Like us and the rest of the universe, the galaxies are forever becoming, forever in motion, and never stagnant.

3. Make the unconscious conscious

Hopefully you don’t experience an identity crisis after learning that the majority of your personality is basically a product of planetary movement. (It’s okay if you do, this some wild shit.) It should help to know that despite these influences, we possess free will & have the right to exercise it as we please.

That being said, there are things about your experience that are not in your control, like when you unconsciously react to old traumas. You know, like when you keep getting triggered by the same thing over and over again? If you experience this, it’s okay. I know you do your best.

Take time now to understand yourself and your past mistakes– all the times you’ve hurt others or been hurt. Forgive yourself, forgive others and let go of everything. Who you are now, at this very moment, is all that matters. As you read through your astrology reports, reflect on your personality, past experiences, and why you feel and act the way you do.

A few important aspects of your personality to consider:

  • How you express yourself to others (Sun sign)
  • How your childhood affects you as an adult (Moon sign)
  • How you react to unfavorable circumstances (Mercury sign)
  • How you act in relationships (Venus sign)
  • What motivates/demotivates you (Mars sign)
  • What inspires you & gives you energy (Neptune sign)

These just some examples of what you might want to take extra special note of as you read your reports. Now that you are aware of how influential the stars can be, you can start to take conscious control of your thoughts and actions moving forward.

4. Reclaim your power

As a child, you didn’t have a choice in your experience. Every aspect of your life was controlled by your parents and/or surroundings.

As an adult, you have to take responsibility for what happens here on out. There’s no excuse not to. During my awakening, I realized that it was time to stop being thrown around by the energetic waves and ride them like a pro surf boarder on water. Make the stars work for you. You know your strengths and weaknesses now. Use them to your advantage.

It’s tempting to use astrology as an excuse for toxic behavior. If you hear someone say, “I’m an Aries. I can’t help but be easily annoyed and snap at people.”  Thats the language of a loser, sorry.

Use this vital information to rediscover who you are. At your core, you are the essence of creation, a formless being crafted with unconditional Love and light. Alas, we are also human, having an experience on this lovely planet we call Earth. Here, we are gifted with personalities designed by energetic universal coding. We incarnated on Earth with an intention to grow and live through infinite depths of our own existence. The planets’ influencing energies help us to embody characteristics that help us achieve our greatest dreams and goals.

In other words, the planets influence the characteristics and traits suited to our desire to achieve our life purpose. Some people believe that the stars determine your fate, but it’s the other way around. Our chosen fate determines where our stars align when we are born. We wanted exactly what came to be. Nothing is a coincidence, my friend.

Oh shit, that gave me chills to write lol.

5. Take control

My point is that you are in control. The planets want to help you live out your purpose and understanding how they do that for you is the next step in your evolution.

It’s important to understand polarity. Polarity makes it so that there are are negative and positive aspects to every aspect of your personality. The goal is to accept, fully, both sides as a part of you and love them for their respective purposes. Use negative experiences as learning lessons and see the positive parts of you as the kind of person you want to be in the world.

When you know darkness, you appreciate the light exponentially more. When you know hate, love is a warm, welcoming hug home.

The contrast of experiences teach us what we want to strive for in life. This is how we manifest our reality— by knowing what we don’t want, so we know what we do want.

Understand the parts of you that you might not like so much and transmute them to the positive aspect that you enjoy. For example, if you are prone to scattering your talents, make the conscious decision to commit to a single project. Easier said than done, but it’s more than possible– it’s your highest path. By mastering the art of transmutation, you master control over your thoughts and emotions.

This is all related to working through your shadow self, described in Jungian philosophy. The shadow self is the unconscious, ‘dark’ side of you. By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, you make the unconscious conscious, and you can work through them. A safe and open space for discovering the root of deeply hidden traumas is the key to healing.

Practices to help you become your best self:

  • Be conscious of your thoughts and actions.
  • Notice what triggers you and analyze its roots so that it won’t trigger you again.
  • Catch yourself when you’re quick to react to something and do what you can to shift and adapt an objective mind. (Breathing helps.)
  • If you slip up and put out negative energy (which will probably happen) take responsibility and try again next time. It gets easier over time, I promise, just don’t give up.
  • Don’t be sad for too long– feel the feelings, accept what you can’t control, then make the choice to let it go.
  • Take notice of negative self-talk so you can consciously shift your perspective in that moment.

Now that you have an understanding of what is difficult to control (not impossible to control) based on the energies of the planets when you were born, you can reclaim your power. You decide who you want to be. You are more infinitely more powerful than external influences.

6. Co-create your reality

It’s time now to put your power to the test. Knowledge is valuable and now that you have it, you can take action. I can guarantee that you are a ridiculously interesting person (betting that my energy attracts like energy lol.) You are a complex and multidimensional entity made of all your experiences and everything you love. Your higher self knows exactly what to do to achieve your greatest dreams in this lifetime. When you know yourself, you know your power. You are a co-creator of your reality.

My hope is that if you feel called to, definitely try this method out. This is what helped me get through my shadow work, embrace my mistakes, and accept myself fully for all that I am. It might help you, too. Once you understand your personality, it becomes easier to be conscious of how you think, feel, and act. Knowing yourself makes it easier to connect with your intuition and make the best decisions for your future.

Manifestation is effortless for those on their highest path. When we work on ourselves, embrace our talents, release our limiting beliefs, and connect with our true Selves, we have the natural and magical ability to live out our greatest dreams.

Fate and Free Will

How does destiny play a role in all of this?

It is my belief that vastly significant, life-changing events were written in the stars when we were born. This is inevitable. These events are meant to catapult you into your next stage of growth, ensuring your evolution and constant transformation. This is fate, if you will. We cannot control what is meant to be. During my awakening, I often questioned the existence of my own free will if I was destined to live this life as it is happening now.

I understand now that before we came to Earth, we had a plan. Our goal in this lifetime is to remember what that plan is and who we were when we created it.

It is true that our free will is limited on this plane of existence. Information is given to us slowly and carefully from Spirit as to not overwhelm our personas. When we are ready to hear something, we are provided the answer. For this reason, we are limited in our capacity to see the grand truth of it all. Existence is unimaginably more infinite that our human minds are capable of conceptualizing. We have to accept that and trust deeply in who we are inside. We are Creators.

Our higher self and guides are always with us, keeping us in check with our purpose, but we get to call the shots on what gets played out in the 3d realm.

When what we desire aligns with our highest path, we are practicing both our free will and following our purpose. This is our goal.

Astrology reminds me that I’m not crazy, I am human. I am a complex, multidimensional, multifaceted being, crafted of the stars and my own personal experiences. Besides that, astrology helps me connect my desires with what is meant for me. By learning what I’m made of, I can embrace my true self, flaws and goodness and all. I am confident in my abilities and intuitively know what’s best for me.

I hope this article helps someone out there. I hope this makes someone realize that they are divinely guided and divinely powerful. I hope someone finds their personal truth somewhere in these words. Thank you so, so much for reading.

I appreciate every single person who opens their heart up to my writing and I want to send you all of my loving thanks. May you feel the universe’s infinite love for you today and forever. <3

From my heart to your heart,

Elizabeth T.

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