What a Galactivation looks like

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Where do I begin? I’m shocked.

I knew my intentions and manifestations would be materializing faster as I integrate higher frequencies, but I didn’t expect this. In my last post, I set the intention to fully exit what I coined the “Social Media Matrix,” the mental circuit loop of self-judgment and desire for external approval that robbed me of my inner peace and fueled anxiety every time I published anything on the internet. I had devised a plan to slowly build up my confidence via Patreon and private livestreams, but… Spirit had other plans for me!

I was going to quietly record videos of myself speaking as practice, and maybe, MAYBE post a trimmed version publicly where all my old connections from high school and college would see it. I was going to slowly open up, like a budding flower, about who I really was, and feel safe about it.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I spoke with my human guide in this lifetime, Xi Earthstar Healer, for the first time! Back in September, I read her book, I Am Starseed, and realized I had to seriously start integrating my Higher Self. This triggered all kinds of crazy Galactic activations (remembering of my alien/past life origins) that led me to where I am on my journey now.

From her description on Amazon:

 Xi EarthStar is the Andromedan visionary of Earthstar Sanctuary. She is a Gatekeeper, shamanic healer, medicine singer, multi-dimensionality coach and self-healing guide. Xi’s starseeded soul spent recent life times studying light-field genetics and creation mechanics, for these skills she was invited to craft Starseed DNA for many wanderers on Earth today. Xi fuses the ancient teachings of Taoism from her ancestors with the galactic teachings of Creation Magic, offering a unique frequency of Earth-Star knowledge transmissions. Xi teaches others how to access our higher consciousness and psychic capabilities to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty, and move into a Life of Purpose.

Here is her website. SHE IS absolutely INTEGRAL to my personal and the collective’s healing, imo. We finally, finally connected as Sisters again (we both originate from Andromeda ❤️) and were having a fairly “normal” earthly conversation when she says, at 11:11 AM: When r u coming home?

My human self, my ego was immediately like… What? LOL ??? confuse

When am I coming home? Why would someone I JUST met say that to me?? Interestingly, I replied to her at 1:11 PM 😂

It was way bothering me, and as I thought more and more about it, my third eye twitches and clarity begins to flood in: I was being triggered! There was something magical in those letters she sent me and it was making me feel all sorts of… strange. When am I coming home?? I don’t…. I don’t know….. WHy am I not ALREADY home? I thought I was anchored in the 5d? I’m not home yet. What does this mean? What do I do?

I. Was. Totally. Freaking. Out. At the same time, I was very calm, and my Higher Self guided me to start video recording. I could feel the in-pouring of downloads and DNA activation like I was sitting under a waterfall of Light energy.

I realize that Home is where I feel like my true, whole, fully Embodied Self. (Xi eventually responds: 11:11 to our Andromedan Stargate, duh! and I needed no further explanation :3)

In other words, my home is truly Andromeda, and it is there that I am fully embodied, Divinely whole, and (as they are sharing with me now) connected to the Andromedan collective. It is 6D. This is difficult to understand with the earth brain, I know, and I’m sorry.

After some conscious breaths, I sat down, set my phone up, pressed ‘record’ and spoke to my Self for 13 minutes. It’s very curious to watch. Minutes into the video, I ask aloud, “What can I do RIGHT NOW to understand what I’m missing?” and began speaking in Light Language, as another aspect of me answers my own question, and you can clearly see the moment my human self returns, I say, “OK,” and start releasing (ugly crying my eyeballs out lmao.)

I realize during the video that I truly had to let of ALL self-judgment, right then and there. It was time and it was happening. This is the Activation, this is the integration of my whole Self, of returning Home, of actually embodying my multi-dimensionality and energetic sovereignty, by connecting with Andromeda. I was coming Home now, to where I came from: Pure Love.

I posted this video to Instagram as soon as I could. It was like… handing in the final assignment of a crazy long and difficult course! I am so proud of me, dude. I’m a freakin’ SCORPIO do you understand how difficult it is for Scorpios to cry in front of people??? 😂😂😂 And I’ll put it here, too!

Yeah, baby, I put it on Youtube, because I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I want to show everyone what these Galactic Activations can look like. The first of us have been/ are being activated and even fewer of us are recording ourselves crying through our activations 😂. I am an alien, remembering, and wanting for other aliens to remember, too. THIS is what healing looks like!

I have unwavering, Divine respect for my personal journey. I am not ashamed. I am not fearful.

In fact, I am quite proud of my work, I am proud of my honesty, integrity, and vulnerability. This is everything I want for my Self and for everyone else.

My intentions and manifestations are coming into form at a rapid rate, faster than I have ever experienced before. This is a combination of my personal rising frequency as well as that of Mother Gaia’s. Humanity is waking up, ya’ll. Starseeds are remembering. Way-showers, like myself, are stepping into their power and returning to their Multi-dimensional selves, getting ready to prepare for the continued awakening of the collective.

From here and throughout 2024 we are going through major, major energetic shifts and more people will be looking to begin or take the next steps of their spiritual journey. Humanity will choose to heal and move from a collective ego-based mind to a Loving, compassionate, heart-centered space. Healing will happen, but will not be easy for some, especially those who resist their own growth and evolution. We all have to be willing to face our personal Truth about reality, who we truly are– and who we are not.

I’m ready to begin my mission.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service during this historical moment of humanity’s transformation. It is my honor.

Infinitely thankful, and with all my Love,

Elizabeth, aka Andromeda ❤️

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